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Construction waste shredders have the following features Pc  
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SBM Machinery Factory production of building waste shredders has the following characteristics: First, the double rotor smashed up and down The two sets of rotors in series with each other make the crushed material produced by the upper rotor crushed again by the hammer of the lower rotor which is rapidly rotating. The inner materials collide rapidly with each other and smash each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and powder material , Unloaded directly. Second, the hydraulic starter casing Hydraulic hoist device, only one person can easily hoist case, not only lightweight and fast and safe, easy to maintain. The machine is designed without mesh grate at the end of the material moisture content is not strictly required, there is no paste blocking sieve problem, but there is no fine powder can not be discharged in time, the problem of repeated crushing, so crushing efficiency, there is no hammer Invalid wear phenomenon. Third, there is no mesh grate at the end, high-humidity materials, not blocked The traditional grinder with grate plate does not adapt to raw materials with moisture content higher than 8%. When the raw material moisture content is higher than 10%, it is extremely easy to cause serious blockage, the hammer can not be rotated, the material can not be discharged, or even burn Bad motor, seriously affecting the production. Fourth, a unique two-way gap technology After the hammerhead wear and liner between the larger gap becomes coarse, can be moved out of the center of the hammer position reduction and the gap between the liner to continue to use. You can also adjust the gap from the outside to the liner to control the particle size. A hammer can be used top three hammer. The pollution of construction waste in life is very harmful to our health, so SBM Heavy Industries has designed a variety of construction waste crusher. With the development of urban construction, more and more buildings to be demolished, followed by a large amount of construction waste, how to deal with construction waste has become a piece of municipal construction in front of a problem. Renewable resources in construction waste, including mainly muck, waste brick, waste concrete, waste wood, scrap steel, scrap metal components. Construction waste shredder equipment can turn these things into rubbish.
SBM superfine powder mill continuous innovation for the coal industry to lay a solid foundation Pc  
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In the first half of this year, China's coal machinery manufacturing industry has enjoyed a good momentum of development. With the rapid development of China's coal industry, large-scale modern coal machinery and equipment enterprises have also started to continuously improve their capability of independent innovation, and the quality of the industry's development has been steadily improved. The demand for coal in various industries further expanded, which led to the steady growth of coal production. This provided a very favorable environment for the development of coal machinery and created favorable conditions for the smooth development of China's coal machinery industry. Many coal machinery enterprises are accelerating the construction of high-level equipment manufacturing bases based on their own foundations and advantages. Through building new modern factory areas and technological innovations, they can comprehensively enhance their production capacity. Shanghai SBM is a high-tech mining equipment company that is an industry leader in its industrial milling, construction stone breaking, and construction business segments. Our business and service organizations throughout the country and 75 countries around the world. From engineering stone, construction sand to engineering fines, Shanghai SBM equipment has exerted its due productivity and durability under harsh operating conditions to meet customers' production targets and strict requirements on SBM products. Shanghai SBM crusher production equipment includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, and so on, the mill class equipment, including Raymond mill, high-pressure medium-speed mill, high pressure powder mill, tricyclic Powder mill, ultrafine mill and so on. At the same time for your personal configuration milling production lines. Vibrating screens, feeders and crushers are all indispensable in coal machinery.
Ultrafine grinding which part of the most important? How to maintain? Pc  
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Microfine grinding more and more domestic use of the crowd, there may be many people may not know the parts of the mill that is the most important, once damaged, the entire machine will not work. With the rapid development of mining mines in our country, milling technology is also improved step by step, the domestic market of micro-grinding mill once again reached the highest level, the role of ultra-fine grinding more and more obvious, and its location More and more important, become the fragrance of the milling industry. We all know that the application of ultrafine mill is very wide range of applications, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mining, can be used to ultrafine grinding equipment, we may only know about the performance of ultrafine mill and How it works today tells you which part of the extra-fine mill is most important and what to do to prolong his life while working. The most important part of the ultrafine mill is the bearing, the bearing is the heart of the ultrafine mill, which is the core part of the ultrafine mill, but the ultrafine mill is also the most vulnerable part. First of all, we know that part of the superfine mill is used for outdoor work, so easy to damp rust, affecting its normal operation, so we need regular derusting. Second, superfine mill bearing wear more powerful, we can regularly coated oil, reduce friction. Finally, the bearing parts prone to loosening, we regularly check the fixed. Above is the ultrafine mill bearing parts and maintenance issues, I hope you can give some help.
Which construction waste crusher high efficiency Pc  
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As we all know, societies are rapidly developing and buildings such as high-rise buildings are everywhere. Building rubbish will inevitably be generated when building these buildings. This time, construction rubbish pulverizers are needed to solve the problem. Listen to the name of the construction waste crusher to know that it is designed to crush construction waste in the market is also relatively good, more manufacturers, but the problem now is that although more manufacturers can not Believe that the quality of equipment produced by some manufacturers simply does not work, efficiency can not keep up, then which construction waste crusher high efficiency? Yes, there are many manufacturers of construction waste crusher and we often see them in Henan. We are also a professional manufacturer of rubbish shredders in SBM. We do not know how other factories are, at least our factory has been doing his best The best equipment for the production of the customer, who come to us to buy equipment, customers are treated in good faith, we will not cheat customers, and never live up to the trust of customers, so please give us one hundred hearts.
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Construction waste energy saving Pc  
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Now more and more construction waste in life, we have not thought about how to deal with it? As the process of urbanization speeds up, a high-rise building rises above the ground level and is truly magnificent. However, as the city becomes more and more beautiful, it has also brought great harm. The irrational use of construction waste is a major issue that we should solve now. Countries to promote low-carbon life, energy-saving emission reduction, sustainable development policy is vigorously implemented. So advocate people and government departments to pay great attention to, in order to better the environment of the city. Energy conservation is to save energy, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions. Strengthen energy management and adopt measures that are technically feasible, economically reasonable and sustainable to the environment and society. In order to build a harmonious harmonious society, a resource-saving and environment-friendly society should be built to promote the structural adjustment of the economy. Should be a favorable resource - the rational use of construction waste in order to achieve the effect of energy-saving emission reduction. Looking at the recovery rate of construction waste in various countries in the world, great efforts should be made in the construction waste crusher in our country. The pollution of construction waste in our country is still serious and in large quantity, and the residual construction waste has not been properly utilized. Henan Acer Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. mobile crushing plant specializing in the crushing of construction waste, to achieve the traditional "building materials → buildings → construction waste" to "building materials → buildings → construction waste → renewable raw materials → new products," the new Building materials industry chain and recycling economy, low-carbon economy production and operation mode change.
Mobile crushing plant for the construction of waste disposal Pc  
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The mobile crushing plant brings both environmental and economic benefits to the construction waste crusher industry. To date, the growth rate of construction waste has not only been impressive, but also the annual production volume of urban construction waste is an alarming figure. If only the extensive landfill of construction waste, which not only takes up land, pollutes the environment, but also wastes the usability resources of the mobile crushing plant. The new mobile crushing plant developed by SBM Machinery not only manages construction waste well, it also brings economic benefits to the city. So what is the economic benefit of construction waste? First of all, the composition of construction waste determines its basis for renewable resources. Furthermore, the research and development of mobile crushing plants in China has made construction waste a renewable building material and provided a safe backup safeguard. After the above comprehensive factors, creating the fact that construction waste is a treasure, after the mobile crusher garbage treatment station can generate renewable brick, green building materials and other infrastructure materials. If the cost of construction waste how low, then it produces the benefits of environmentally friendly building materials, how high. Of course, in order to make construction rubbish bring real benefits to people, we must first rely on the mobile crushing plant resource processing.
SBM construction waste treatment equipment to build green development society Pc  
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Build a harmonious society, establish a modern green building design concept, establish a new model of planning and design, construction, use and development of demolition of the entire life cycle of the building, development, design and construction of a new generation of green residential. It is understood that the service life of China's housing has been shortened, the annual removal of construction waste generated by the demolition of housing accounted for 30% of the total amount of garbage 40%, the phenomenon of garbage siege is even more alarming, not only affects the city beautiful, but also occupy the land, Erosion of the earth's surface, polluting groundwater sources, pose a great threat to human living environment. In contrast, foreign construction waste has been widely used, the construction waste in the stones, concrete blocks and broken brick treated, can be used as concrete or mortar aggregates (referred to as recycled aggregates) use. Recycled aggregate production of concrete is generally used for the basic pavement and non-load-bearing structure, through the selection and strict control of the mix, but also to meet the requirements of the load-bearing structure of concrete, with a large number, low cost, wide use advantages for road pavement, Artificial landscape, road construction and so on. In recent years, China's construction waste crusher business has also been greatly developed. Zhengzhou SBM company's construction waste equipment reprocessing of construction waste, recycling, resources to achieve the rational use of re-use, SBM's production of fixed construction waste equipment and mobile construction waste equipment on the construction waste in many of the waste After sorting, rejecting or smashing, most of them can be reused as renewable resources. SBM's new equipment mobile crushing station can not only solve the problem of sludge treatment in river mud and sewage treatment plants, but also solve the problem of fly ash, domestic waste , Construction waste and sawdust and other waste emissions. It fills up the blank of new wall materials for sintering and sintering raw materials such as silt, fly ash, slag and construction waste in the city and the surrounding area. It will provide more, better and newer energy-saving green building materials products to the wall materials market. The construction waste treatment equipment produced by Zhengzhou SBM Company has brought tremendous benefits for the development of construction waste, which can realize the reduction and recycling of construction waste, save natural resources and protect the ecological environment, and has a good prospect for development.
Artificial sand equipment need to pay attention to quality problems Pc  
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The development of artificial sand equipment is twists and turns and the effect is remarkable, more and more advanced technology in the development of artificial sand machine used in equipment, making the device to intelligent, efficient and professional, for the construction of our country to provide a high quality Of raw materials, making many customers use sand making machine to complete the goal of getting rich. In the application of artificial sand equipment, a variety of processes have been very mature, production has also been standardized, but due to some raw materials or operational problems or there will be some problems, resulting in the production of sand quality problems, the main may exist the following reasons: 1, particle size is not perfect, needle flake is also more, on the one hand the problem is rock, but the most important is still equipment selection, it is because many artificial sand equipment companies use jaw crusher or hammer crusher production And caused, and if you choose a professional sand making equipment, this problem is completely avoided. 2, grading is not entirely suitable, fineness modulus larger. Most of the artificial sand equipment manufacturers to reduce production machinery wear and tear, while reducing production costs, so get the majority of mechanism of sand particle modulus of 3.0 or more, and the preparation of concrete fineness modulus should be controlled at about 2.6 In addition, the mechanism of sand operation, where the grading site is best in Zone 2, at the same time sieve at all levels must also meet the standards. As the equipment in the long-term development has gradually matured, with a fixed process characteristics, so in the purchase, the customer should go to the excellent manufacturers SBM Heavy Industries, professional and technical staff for your design of professional artificial sand equipment, the perfect solution to all Production problems, make your production more at ease.
SBM powder mill will completely show the effectiveness of stone Pc  
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Graphite is an allotrope of elemental carbon. The periphery of each carbon atom is linked by three additional carbon atoms (a plurality of hexagons arranged in a honeycomb pattern) covalently bonded to form a covalent molecule. Carbon is a very common element that is widespread in many forms in the atmosphere and the crust. Carbon elements have long been recognized and used, a series of carbon compounds - organic matter is more fundamental to life. Carbon is one of the ingredients of pig iron, wrought iron and steel. Carbon can chemically bind to form a large number of compounds, both biologically and commercially important molecules. Most organisms in the body contain carbon. Graphite is widely used in industry and is used in almost every industry. Industrial use of artificial graphite, which is special graphite. Graphite, which has been processed by SBM ultrafine mill, plays an important and irreplaceable role in industrial applications. Refractory materials: Graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength, and are mainly used in the metallurgical industry Graphite crucible, commonly used in steelmaking steel ingot as a protective agent, metallurgical furnace lining. Conductive materials: In the electrical industry for the manufacture of electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, mercury positive rectifier cathode, graphite washers, telephone parts, TV picture tube coating. For wear-resistant lubricating materials, graphite has good chemical stability. After special processing of graphite, with corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, low permeability characteristics for casting, turning sand, stamper and high temperature metallurgical materials for atomic energy industry and national defense industry. Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of milling equipment, graphite grinding machine in which graphite, and strive to perfection, with high product fineness, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection and other significant advantages, while equipment investment is small, easy to maintain, Life expectancy than other devices 2-5 times.
Winter Raymond mill maintenance precautions Pc  
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Winter Raymond mill maintenance precautions: Yesterday, the beginning of winter, in this cold winter we should pay attention to warm clothes! The maintenance of a large raymond mill in the cold winter is also important and takes longer than in summer because the cement is completely solidified after the foundation has been treated. 1, the first winter roll assembly and some other parts of the refueling should be replaced by butter for winter, so that in the cold winter butter is not easy to freeze. 2, Second, when the boot can be preheated for 5 minutes, and then start feeding production. When the first open analysis machine boot, and then open the last fan to open the host. 3, in the winter monsoon is relatively large, outdoor dusting bag Raymond mill must be tight, do not loose, bag once a day beating, keep breathable. Bag is not breathable, Raymond mill is no production. Raymond mill plus use roller grinding, the principle of wind selection crushed material, so the use of wind is very crucial. The law of nature is to heat up cold shrinkage, this time Raymond mill screws can be tight again, the flange of the link must check the open seal is qualified to ensure that there is no place for gas leaks. In addition, some users will ask Raymond mill output will be higher than usual production, is not the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the winter material is more brittle and easier to process it? My company's Raymond mill engineer said the winter Raymond mill boot maintenance should pay more attention than in summer, especially Raymond mill in the outdoor processing of materials users should pay attention to Raymond mill maintenance, butter is best to use Winter-specific, general butter winter is not easy to get into, the roller assembly will wear more powerful.
Ultrafine mill mechanical automation are reflected in what areas Pc  
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Mechanical automation began in the last century, and China started to automate in the 1980s and 1990s. However, in the domestic mining machinery industry, automation technology is naturally inferior to large corporations abroad, but it has also taken place with the development of science and technology a big change. Ultrafine mill as a new type of ore milling equipment, in recent years the development has also made tremendous changes and progress, especially the ultrafine mill automation, not only improve the efficiency of production, but also for the general Users have brought a lot of convenience. Ultrafine mill automation is mainly reflected in the following aspects: Superfine mill production of ore milling, the bearings and other parts of the machine needs lubrication in time, in some of the previous products, most of the manual lubrication is used, and Now most of the equipment used is automatic thin oil lubrication, lubrication stations through the installation to complete; In addition, the current milling production line imported advanced cabinet system, through this system, customers can control the production room in the control room at any time Or not, and the control room can also be connected with some indicators installed on the machine, the customer can observe the indicator changes on the indicator to determine the normal operation of the machine, to make the decision to continue production or downtime maintenance inspection. Automation in the domestic mining machinery industry is considered a relatively advanced technology, but in the 21st century this information society, simply not enough automation, but need to be intelligent development, just as smart phones, smart robots. Ultrafine mill and its production line should be intelligent to liberate the labor as the main goal, and through the intelligent technology to check the production line damage and the reasons for the damage, so as to bring convenience to the machine maintenance, but also timely prediction of the machine The failure, so that customers do a good job of protection to extend the life of the machine. Automation is a big step forward in ore milling equipment, but automation is not our ultimate goal and we face more opportunities and challenges in the future. Shanghai SBM will strive to research and develop and produce milling equipment, bringing more advanced equipment and better user experience to customers.
River pebble sand making system is the first choice of artificial sand industry Pc  
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The pebble sand making machine is widely used. The finished products produced by the river pebble sand making machine are often used in construction and road repairing. It is the sand making machine equipment preferred by workers in the sand making industry. Of course, there are many other models on the market Sand equipment, today we will explain to the river pebble sand making machine. The product gravel produced by the pebble sand making machine has the advantages of small particle size, uniform shape and size, high output, long use time of the hammer head, less energy consumption of the supporting facilities, three grades of crushing into two grades of crushing, simple production process, convenient maintenance and stable operation . Investment in conventional equipment, such as those of comparable size, has been reduced by 35% -50%, with output of 35% -50% higher than that of conventional equipment. For limestone, 85% of the disposable finished products have a particle size of less than 5mm. Sand making machine equipment in the maintenance and normal work costs 35% -50% lower than the traditional equipment. In many industries has been widely used. Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of river pebble sand machine equipment manufacturers in the machinery industry has decades of production experience over the years Shanghai SBM by the customer's trust, our company's equipment has been the majority of customers praise.
Quarry crusher machine with crusher equipment choice Pc  
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Now the best equipment is the rock that model? Crusher that model is better? Which stone crusher production equipment is better? We are the industry equipment Co., Ltd. is a senior crusher, crusher , Sand making equipment manufacturers, here we will come to you for a detailed introduction of stone crusher equipment selection. Crusher Stone Crushing Equipment also called crusher, refers to the discharge size of more than three millimeters of the total content of 50% of the total discharge of crushing machinery. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments. Stone crusher commonly used machinery (crusher) jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ring crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, composite Crusher, cone crusher, two-stage crusher, gyratory crusher, mobile crusher and so on. Jaw Crusher is Quarry Crusher, stone factory, sand plant the most commonly used crushing equipment. Here we come to highlight the jaw crusher. Jaw crusher (jaw crusher) is the use of two jaws on the material extrusion and bending, crushing or crushing various kinds of hardness materials crushing machinery. The crushing mechanism is composed of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw. When the two jaws come close, the material is crushed. When the two jaws leave, the blocks smaller than the discharge mouth are discharged from the bottom. It's broken action is intermittent. This crusher is widely used in the industrial sectors such as mineral processing, construction materials, silicate and ceramics because of its simple structure, reliable operation and ability to crush hard materials. Compared with the cone crusher, the crusher has less investment in the jaw crusher , Finished stone less, low production costs. Compared with the hammer crusher, wear parts use a long time, high production efficiency, the latter part of a small investment. Jaw Crusher How it works: During the crushing of huge stones into small rocks, the first crusher is usually called the "main" crusher. The longest history, the most solid crusher is jaw crusher. The highest crushing material is 320Mpa.
How to Improve the Performance of Ultrafine Mill Pc  
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In the market competition is so fierce today, the development of enterprises can not be separated from product innovation, so all industries are the product of the reform and innovation on the forefront of business development. Mill machinery industry is also facing tremendous opportunities and challenges. The rapid development of the milling industry has brought great opportunities for the development of milling equipment manufacturers. However, the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of the milling machines in the milling industry has brought great challenges to the milling equipment manufacturers. In the face of opportunities and challenges, milling equipment manufacturers only constant innovation can be based on the market. Today, the ultrafine mill, for example, talk about how the mill equipment manufacturers to improve the performance of ultra-fine mill. First of all, you can develop fine grading equipment and other ancillary equipment that are compatible with ultra-fine mill equipment. Ultra-fine crushing and grading equipment combined with closed-circuit technology, can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and ensure the qualified product size. It can be said that the output and precision grading equipment are the key to the development of ultrafine grinding technology. In addition, the working efficiency and energy consumption of the ultrafine grinding machine must be constantly improved and improved. The ultrafine grinding machine and grading equipment must be adapted to the specific materials Characteristics and product specifications, specifications and models of diversification, but there is no any material is super-efficient crushing and grading equipment; Finally, you can develop multi-purpose ultrafine grinding and surface modification equipment. Such as superfine mill and drying processes such as combination of ultrafine grinding and surface modification combined with mechanical and chemical principles of ultrafine grinding technology, can expand the application of ultrafine grinding technology. With the surface coating, solid-state miscibility, can produce some new materials with unique properties. Well, today for everyone to share here, I hope our SBM superfine mill performance improvement point of view to the milling equipment manufacturers can help. In the future R & D and production, we will continue to work hard, live up to expectations, developed a more robust performance of the milling equipment to meet the many needs of different customers, users are welcome to buy.
Construction waste crusher price Pc  
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The worsening urban environmental problems have created favorable conditions for the sound development of construction waste disposal equipment. More and more people are investing in construction waste crusher, and investing in construction waste disposal equipment to build a construction waste disposal plant is what many people in our country want Trying a project, mobile crusher as an essential equipment for the treatment of construction waste, to promote the utilization of construction waste has played an important role. Construction waste crusher price, structure, performance, features, manufacturers and other instantaneous time has become a concern. Investing in a set of construction waste disposal equipment about how much it costs, building waste disposal equipment where the best manufacturers, investment in the benefits of the project and so on have become the focus of attention. Analysis from the phenomenon of market transaction of building waste crushing plant is mainly caused by the environmental changes and economic constraints of various links under the whole chain. The price of building rubbish crusher will affect the price of steel, the price of ore, the price of building materials, Even the price of the construction industry, this is the chain effect. Price analysis from various manufacturers of garbage grinder manufacturers: These prices are more floating Small equipment is a small business equipment in the floating, in some big brand companies, construction waste crusher price fluctuations smaller. This is determined by the company's decision. SBM construction waste treatment equipment manufacturer, through its own practice to the community that the equipment has enough capacity to waste of solid waste such as construction waste, fly ash, waste into treasure and produce new lightweight wall materials, light Aggregate concrete hollow block and lightweight aggregate concrete with brick, standard brick and other products. These through the construction of waste treatment equipment processed into environmentally friendly building materials have been tested, such "turning waste into treasure," the formation of the wall with light weight, high strength, seismic, thermal insulation performance, processing performance, ease of construction, ease Building self-respect, environmental protection, high quality and low price, continue to win the trust of society, and even become the construction market in short supply in demand. With independent innovation and product optimization in recent years, SBM Machinery has been able to produce the largest production capacity of 500 tons of construction waste crushing production line, and the company's product quality gap with imported equipment is gradually narrowing. At the same time as product prices and quality improvement, the high cost performance of SBM machinery construction rubbish crushing equipment is gaining more and more attention and recognition.
Sanding machine feed more output more? Pc  
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Under normal circumstances, the sand making machine uses a dual motor drive mode, before starting, be sure to check the spindle and the motor on both sides, while connecting the same weight of tape, adjust the tension of the tape. Sand making machine prices vary, in addition to check the motor connection problems and see if the voltage is not within the normal range. Then you can empty load, load two forms of test. When the above steps smoothly, the crusher can be put into the production of sand machine manufacturers equipment. Many users in the production process that put the more material, then the greater the amount of production. However, this often led to the production of failure, or even stuck. In fact, there are many types of sand making machine, different types of equipment for material properties and hardness requirements are not the same time in the production must be combined with sand machine parameters of their own reasonable choice of materials to prevent failure, Even lead to safety accidents. Sand making equipment quality and safety, for the development of sand making machine to provide a certain degree of theoretical reference. These phenomena all require the sand maker to carry out quality control to a certain extent and ensure the quality and safety of the sand maker. China's sand making machine technology is gradually maturing, sand making and special manufacturing not only have more complete equipment support, more technical guidance. As a basic mechanical manufacturing industry, strictly controlling the quality of sand machine equipment is the key to ensuring the safety of the production of an enterprise, and it is also a manifestation of being responsible for the social and economic development.
Answer customer's choices about potassium feldspar mill Pc  
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First of all, a brief introduction to potassium feldspar, perhaps we are not very aware of this stone, K-feldspar is an ore material, potassium feldspar is also commonly known as feldspar, is a monoclinic, usually red meat , White or gray. It has a low melting point (1150 ± 20 ℃), long melting interval, high melt viscosity characteristics. General industrial use 1. System of potash use 2. Ordinary ceramics and porcelain (clay and porcelain stone) 3. Glass ingredients used 4. Grinding material Shanghai SBM heavy industry around the production of potassium feldspar powder, R & D and production for a variety of fineness of the Ore Milling Equipment, a professional processing of various ultra-fine milling mill equipment, a professional processing of coarse mill powder mill Equipment, suitable for processing all kinds of ore materials milling machine equipment, several common mill Raymond mill, high pressure mill, the European version of coarse grinding and so on. Potash feldspar is also one of the most easily processed ore because the hardness and water content of potassium feldspar are all within the range of the SBM heavy equipment facilities in Shanghai. Although the processing of stone is the strength of the mill, but the daily maintenance and maintenance is also very important, so as to greatly extend the service life of the mill, bring greater benefits to consumers.
Raymond mill in milling process can continue to adjust Pc  
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Raymond mill in the purchase of the first factor to consider is the quality of the mill, only excellent quality mill equipment, the failure rate is low, the operation is relatively stable, so virtually will save on operating costs. The inside and outside of the raymond mill parts are clean, body, grinding ring, grinding roller, motor, belt, gear connection and so on, all can be cleaned should be clean. To prevent the body overheating, should observe the indoor and outdoor temperature in the process of grinding, pay attention to the body temperature should not exceed 100 ° C. If the indoor temperature is too high, it will easily cause the body's heat rate to increase. At this time, ventilation should be prepared, and if necessary, install a high-power exhaust fan to cool the inside of the room. From a technical point of view: to reduce energy consumption, mechanical engineers have tried their best to develop a lot of effort on the material properties of super-strong, super-hard and high-temperature metal and nonmetal materials. The application of various technologies to improve and invent new heat treatment process, its simple structure, easy to use, good energy consumption is the most concerned about the current customer issues, the use of our continuous development of our mill equipment, and constantly improve our mill As we said before, we pay attention to many problems. Doing many things will always be the way we have been going. We want to make our mill equipment more concerned. We have to take a different approach. Make our mill have more outstanding performance. Mill equipment should be how to use, whether from the temperature or from the feed, the discharge is able to be well adjusted, milling machine for milling flour particle size is our greatest concern, we in the specific milling process Can adjust and finally reach the granularity we want, this is an important feature of our mill equipment, the raw material to be ground is placed in the hopper, and the gap between the two grinding rolls is adjusted. During the operation, the two ends of the grinding roll should be kept consistent , Grinding research should not be too tight, line speed should not be too high. Good oil, especially fully synthetic oil in addition to protecting the engine, reducing the number of oil changes, but also to save on gasoline costs. Although the price is twice as expensive as regular oil, it is the best choice for many customers. Improper selection or cheaper purchase of only inferior products can result in early wear of the mill engine and reduce the life of the mill engine.
Design sand making process technicians should pay attention to process Pc  
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When designing a set of equipment, in fact, the beginning of the principle to the process every aspect is very important. And the principle is that when we first set our own design goals, we were initially formed. In the sand making machine we started to know what kind of work we should do, so the principle of the next special design. In determining the principles and drawings, we have to ensure that the latter part of the process. For example, electrical and mechanical cooperation, do not because we affect the maintenance of our entire electrical wiring. So when we started the design, the first mechanical design, and then the circuit supporting. In the electrical and mechanical support, we do not mean that the mechanical part is immutable, we need to be adjusted at the appropriate time. From the overall structure of sand making machine to be adjusted down, in this regulation to see more advantages. Concerned about the current equipment in the process, technicians actually see the user to operate as well as in the latter part of the maintenance, but also to do some market statistics. Look at the user in the market what kind of demand, in the actual operation is not possible to make adjustments. When collecting information on the design of many sand making machines, in fact, we should also take a good look at the process to be more able to meet our actual needs. In fact, the current equipment in fact, let us see some of the different advantages, technology is indeed important.