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Shenzhen construction waste disposal equipment put into use   No  
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Recently, SBM mining machine service personnel, went to Shenzhen customer site investigation of the use of construction waste crusher. After-sales staff to see, built by the construction waste large "Mountain" next to the SBM mine mobile crusher station is "swallowed" different sizes of concrete blocks, while the two from the rear side of the outlet "& ldquo; ; Spit "is out of sand-like fine aggregate and slightly larger coarse aggregate. Fine aggregate will be made of solid brick, hollow brick and other recycled building materials products, coarse aggregate is used for ground based materials. See construction waste disposal equipment at the scene in Shenzhen no problem, after-sales staff are also very happy. According to statistics, there are as many as 10 million tons of construction rubbish produced in Shenzhen in one year. The construction waste generated annually in China is over 100 million tons, the vast majority of which have not been disposed of. Earlier this year, Southern University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen University, the new campus early demolition project generated nearly 1 million tons of construction waste. According to the traditional treatment methods, all the landfill waste of landfill will occupy 6.67 hectares of land. A large number of construction waste transport vehicles will also bring great pressure on urban transport, does not meet the scientific concept of development and national recycling economy industrial policy. Municipal Construction Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Construction and Public Works Department and Nanshan District government innovative ideas, the introduction of comprehensive utilization of construction waste recycling enterprises in situ conversion, comprehensive utilization of construction waste, SBM mining machine has the honor of winning the bid. Through SBM mine construction waste disposal equipment site crushing, the construction waste is made into recycled aggregate, solid brick, hollow brick, colored Dutch brick, permeable brick, square brick, grass brick, curb and other 15 kinds of green recycled building materials, these All products will be used back to the South Division, deep new campus construction. According to the calculation by experts at SBM mine, the disposal of construction waste of South Branch of University of Science and Technology by using on-site treatment method can save about 6 hectares of land resources; and the conversion rate of 90% by comprehensive utilization of construction waste can reduce the consumption of natural gravel raw material by 600,000 Cubic meters; can save construction waste disposal and landfill disposal costs more than 4,000 million; to achieve the output value of more than 6,000 yuan. This equipment is SBM mines sold to Shenzhen's first equipment, Shenzhen is also the first construction waste on-site green digestion and recycling projects. Since then, SBM mine opportunity to increase research and development of resource-oriented project equipment, to create a better city to contribute.
Application of SBM Ultrafine Powder Mill in the Production of Building Gypsum Powder Materials   No  
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Gypsum powder is usually white, colorless, colorless and transparent crystals called gypsum, sometimes due to impurities from ash, light yellow, light brown and other colors. Streak white. Transparent. Glass luster, cleavage surface pearl luster, fibrous aggregate silk luster. Cleavage very complete, and moderate, cleavage crack into the face angle of 66 and 114 diamond body. Sexual crispness Hardness 1.5 ~ 2. Slight changes in different directions. The relative density of 2.3. Gypsum powder is one of the top five gelatin materials and occupies an important position in the national economy. It is widely used in many applications such as construction, building materials, industrial molds and art models, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing and medical cosmetology, etc. Important industrial raw materials. SBM ultrafine mill equipment can be widely used in the production of gypsum powder processing, building gypsum my company's production technology has been mature in the production of building materials in gypsum. Production equipment has advanced milling machines, crushers, and other equipment widely used in the promotion. Company milling system equipment components: hoist, silos, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, milling machine, screw conveyor, bag filter, grader and so on. Company milling equipment has the latest Raymond mill, high pressure mill, mill and other ultra-fine milling machines, processing a wide range of materials, multi-application in the non-metallic mineral processing. Our mill production line is widely used in milling, power, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, refractories, power plant desulfurization, asphalt mixing station, highway and other industries milling process, the finished product size in the range of 20-3250 adjustable .
the development prospect of vertical roller mill   No  
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Vertical roller mill occupies an important position in the mineral processing equipment indispensable occupation, vertical roller mill selection of domestic and foreign advanced technology, in contact with the actual conditions China gravel materials and innovative manufacturing and become, vertical roller mill is crusher equipment research and development of the latest products, the vertical roller mill is the description of from the beginning, after in the traditional crusher equipment based on manufacturing, experiment, a kind of energy saving, the successful development of the new rate, a new generation of useful products low repair rate. vertical roller mill has the necessity to have satisfactory benefit function, let a lot of use we to accept him, this is also very important, will vertical roller mill description to perfect.Impact crusher is necessary to expand towards energy conservation environmental protection direction, toward the people of the world love direction to travel, only the people of the world love, have the satisfaction of expansion space. Work efficiency as the vertical roller mill manufacturers must do lithotriptor, this also is the priority among priorities. Because Chinese product has some advantages, direct vertical roller mill to enter the international market to become inevitable trend. Chinese products a price advantage, can be a greater range of selected range into the Asian and African countries.
The actual application of sand making machine   No  
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With the continuous development of the construction industry is now, and now some of the machines on the construction industry has also been a corresponding development, in many machines, sand making machine is one of the machine indispensable, if can not choose sand making machine is suitable in the construction of the time, it will influence the whole construction process, and even cause irreparable consequences, then what about sand making machine what are the advantages in the use of the time, below we follow mechanism sand production line equipment of the professional personnel of view about its advantages. In sand making machine use, because sand making machine parts is specially designed for sand making and design, so it is in a certain extent, not only for the species is very much, and can the efficiency of sand products is very high, according to the needs of all walks of life to the sand is not the same time, so in choosing mechanism sand production line equipment, also can choose the machine crushing and coarse grinding of different functions, so it can meet the various aspects of people's needs. In mechanism sand production line equipment, the mechanical equipment do not need to carry out special operations personnel, as long as can be installed and used in accordance with instructions above, we can easily solve the installation and maintenance of the entire product, is very simple, at the same time, because the structure of sand making machine is simple, so on handling process is relatively easy, can undertake handling according to the needs of the environment, and its running cost is relatively low, only some of the machine wear and power consumption.
the concept of environmental protection   No  
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At present a lot of industries are the pursuit of the concept of environmental protection, is to let oneself brand looks very high-end atmosphere, one is to promote its own brand, increase their brand selling point. Of course, the concept of environmental protection has been applied to various industries, an attitude is all of their living environment responsible expression. In the manufacturing industry of mining equipment, this concept is very popular. For example, in the design of dry sand making machine of ginseng has this kind of environmental protection idea. A new type of dry sand system can combine the corresponding adjustment according to the different raw materials to meet the individual needs of different customers.At present the general use of dry sand making machine popular is the advanced technology abroad such as Germany and Japan technology. A new type of dry sand can be used for impact type system sand machine can also adopt the German system sand machine. Compared with the domestic same type sand making machine, the German original rotor centrifugal sand making machine has the following advantages. The first is the patent of double cavity type rotor design makes the production capacity is improved more than 1 times. The second is the feed size increased 1 times, can be broken more bulk material.
the new imported mining machinery Raymond mill   No  
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Raymond mill originated in the United States from the United States, by the United States of America professional mechanical designer C. V. Gruestronger invented in Berlin. In recent years, the small machinery factories in many places have the manufacturing of raymond mill, confusing the Raymond mill market, which is not conducive to the safety and efficiency of work production. The Company for the sales of Raymond mill, the professional introduction of imported Raymond mill, all kinds of new Raymond mill introduced, the latest introduction of mine machinery and equipment Raymond Mill, more energy saving and environmental protection, but also more efficient. In recent years, the advocacy of energy saving and environmental protection, making the new Raymond mill is also in line with the trend of the development of modern society, but also highly acclaimed professionals. So, in particular, what are the advantages of the new Raymond mill? Raymond Why imports will be better? The following make a detailed introduction: First, why the new Raymond mill is so much of a concern: First, work more efficiently. The output of the new Raymond mill is 20% higher than the older Raymond mill of the same size; the main reason is that the space occupied by the grinding roller in the main working chamber of the new powder mill is small, thus making the working space larger.
the reporter and the mill technician   No  
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This situation to specific issues specific analysis, if these together with the material into the grinding chamber of the impurities are not broken, will be grinding center of the main parts caused by the great wear and tear, or even cause the material to block. Therefore, the user before using the raymond mill, be sure to ask the manufacturer's technical staff for guidance, explain in detail the instructions of the mill, the details of the grinding ring and the wear and tear to reduce the wear and tear. The above is the dialogue between the reporter and the mill technician. After analyzing the reasons for the wear of the grinding ring and the grinding roller, we hope to provide some operation skills for the use of the milling equipment of the relevant enterprises. If you want to learn more about here superfine mill prices, please contact the equipment manufacturers for field trips, or click on the online customer service consultation.
the upgrading of Raymond millum industry   No  
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Since the 20th century, 90 years, with the industrial development, a variety of Raymond mill powder demand continues to grow, raymond mill market capacity expansion, continuous improvement of technology, the market gradually stable, China's Raymond mill industry into a mature stage of development. Because Raymond mill is very soft texture, Mohs hardness is only 1, Raymond mill powder grinding machine to become the industry's most important processing equipment. Common Raymond mill has a lot of courage to retire, such as: refractories, paper, rubber fillers, pesticide absorbents, leather coatings, ceramic raw materials, make-up materials and carving materials and so on. The current market situation, there are two main changes. First, Raymond mill applications. Paper industry, the amount of filler-grade Raymond mill powder significantly reduced, while the PP plastic industry, a substantial increase in the amount of Raymond millum powder. This change requires Raymond mill products from the processing of 325-600 ordinary powder to 2000-3000 purpose of the development of fine powder, of course, the Raymond mill industry processing technology, market size, product quality and other aspects have had a significant impact, higher performance and The processing capacity of the Raymond millum powder machine is much needed for the market. Second, the Raymond mill mining policy. In recent years, China out of policy to curb indiscriminate digging, reduce the number of mining enterprises, Raymond mill mineral resources, processing, sales and other aspects of the effective rectification.
ultrafine mill installation and maintenance   No  
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ultrafine mill wide range of applications, can be used for a variety of materials grinding operations, such as quartz, feldspar, clay, clay, bentonite, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, clay, lime, Mohs below seven humidity below 6% of various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials. In all walks of life, can be applied to the mill, than not ultrafine mill, it can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other fields of mineral materials grinding process. In these industries, the milling equipment is reused, the material is ground to the desired particle size, and further applications are made. However, it is a very particular job about its installation. Maintenance of the machine is a recurrent work that should be closely coordinated with its operation and overhaul, etc., and should be staffed in full order for better performance. In the milling equipment installation test, should be installed on the level of concrete foundation, with anchor bolts; in the installation, should pay attention to the main body and the horizontal vertical; after installation, to check the various parts of the bolt loose, the host Of the warehouse door is fastened, once found, to immediately tighten; but also according to the power of the device configuration power cord and control switch; after the inspection is completed, empty load test, the test is normal, you can produce.
Raymond mill manufacturer analysis   No  
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The use of raymond mill is largely determined by the quality of the equipment, but the correct maintenance of the equipment can extend the use of the mill to a certain extent. Combined with Raymond mill market conditions, the Shanghai Machinery Association on the industry in some of the outstanding Raymond mill manufacturers to investigate the important parameters of the mill and the daily maintenance. In the survey conducted by the Shanghai World Bank, the state's engineers specifically stressed the impact of lubrication on the life of raymond mill, and analyzed and summarized the lubrication mechanism of the equipment and parts lubrication method. From the enterprise, the production equipment types, all the equipment needs maintenance, it should establish an effective Raymond milling maintenance mechanism, send someone responsible for the testing and management of the mill, regular lubrication. At present, Raymond mill prices have been living in the industry level, but a good lubrication maintenance mechanism can extend the service life of equipment, reduce equipment use costs. From the equipment, the central task of maintenance is to control the temperature of the equipment. This requires the use of high temperature resistant materials, improve mechanical wear resistance, but also the use of lubricants on the equipment maintenance.
ultrafine mill quality improvement   No  
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ultrafine mill to be innovative. At the request of the new era, the mill needs to catch up with the development of the times so as to have a better market in the continuous development. Then, the mill market needs to be reformed and the reform carried out. ultrafine mill is the upgrading of manufacturing, in the mill industry, the production of ultrafine mill reliable, small particle size, can serve multiple industries. In energy consumption, its low energy consumption, high yield, can give users a lot of help. In terms of fineness, it's well-designed discharge, so its finished product can be adjusted at 325 mesh -2500 mesh. In the continuous progress of society, the mill equipment should also have its own improvement. In terms of quality, it should be more durable, to provide users with the protection of production; in terms of output, it should be higher level, to bring greater benefits to users, enabling users to increase productivity; in environmental protection, as a new Times of the mechanical model, to take the lead in harmony with the environment, making the mill industry gradually toward clean and environmental protection.
sand making machine equipment production line   No  
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In front of a lot of articles have introduced the sand making machine, including the types of sand making machine, which has the most new sand making machine, sand making machine performance advantage and so on. But no introduced simple sand making machine. Although the sand making machine precision complex in the present market is widely popular, the much larger merchants favorite, but simple sand making machine and not by these new and more high-end replaced sand making machine. Simple sand making machine still occupy a part of market, there are two reasons: one is the low price, the two is easy to use. Simple sand making machine found in the sand field small. Because of the small sand field is always closed state, big investment, is disadvantageous to the boss. With respect to a hundreds of thousands of sophisticated sand making machine, one Taiwan tens of thousands of pieces of simple sand making machine cost is too low, many customers are willing to accept. The principle of simple sand making machine and some crusher similar. A simple sand making machine is a hammer crusher more common. Hammer type sand making machine is mainly rely on the impact energy to complete the operation of crushing material. Hammer crusher not only can be used for sand production line, broken line, also can replace the cone crusher in the mineral processing production line.
Service Life of Equipment in the Process   No  
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Such as the use of fine-grained crusher first large particle basalt crushed and then joined the coal mine raymond mill, is a kind of economic and can improve the efficiency of a good way to improve the milling. The test results show that when the feed particle size is small, the coal mine Raymond mill is working smoothly, the output is high, the grinding roller and the disc wear. In addition, it is necessary to increase the production and fineness of the coal mine Raymond mill, Force is a good choice, but the loading force is too large there is also the risk of rapid wear of the roller and disc. Under the conditions of meeting the use of raymond mill, the manufacturer should reduce the working speed of the disc and roller. Although a certain range, the increase in speed can increase the yield and efficiency, but when the white mud mill speed exceeds a certain value, not only failed to achieve the aforementioned purpose, but the white mud mill grinding and grinding roller wear Exacerbated, in addition to seriously affect the life of the roller, but also the adverse impact of the life of other parts. Therefore, in improving the service life of roller and grinding method, can not blindly pursue the production and ignore the production of coal mine Raymond mill safety, in improving the coal mine Raymond mill grinding roller and the use of the life of the disc On, or in accordance with the ceramic clay milling equipment manufacturers production specifications and equipment to use the norms to carry out to ensure the safety of production and product quality and stability.
sand making machine in the construction industry   No  
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sand making machine production line is special production line for sand production equipment for building. According to the material type defined, production out of the finished product is artificial sand, so it is also called sand production line. With the development of construction industry in our country, the quality of building facility requirements to further improve the quality of sand, the building also put forward requirements. Reduce the natural sand, artificial sand added to demand, also caused a certain impact on the construction industry. So the artificial sand has become the preferred building industry, and the latest system sand making machine available not only solves the problem of lack of natural sand, also provides an important raw materials for the construction industry. A large demand has driven the development of gravel sand production line, a large number of R amp; D and production of sand production line has driven the sand making machine, crusher sand making machinery and equipment production, through these equipment manufacturing artificial sand, in order to meet our demand for sand. With the development of the times, new sand making machine more efficient also ushered in the unprecedented progress and upgrade, more suitable for domestic aggregate production and market of artificial sand device is developed, including the latest sand making machine, more add a brick house tile based construction in our country, the artificial system sand has been used the main source of sand in the construction of our country, the application of artificial sand process has promoted the development of sand industry. Since the sand production line to the sand, then we must use the sand making machine. sand making machine introduced sand making machine is also called impact crusher, is the introduction of American Barmac company famous stone dozen stone crusher principle and technology, combined with the actual situation of the domestic system of sand production, develop the domestic and international, the leading system sand machine equipment level. sand making machine has the advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency and low cost, a small particle size and other performance advantages, about the price of sand making machine, will be introduced according to the type, model and the quality of the finished product to determine price from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of unequal. The latest available sand making machine since, not only can save the quarry production cost, but also greatly improves its own benefit. Model the latest sand making machine through and jaw crusher, impact crusher with the composition of the sand production line, sand production line, the aggregate processing quality has been upgraded to international advanced level.
choosing elements of automatic ore sand making machine   No  
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System sand production line output affect all the mechanism of ore project direct economic benefits, ore sand making machine manufacturers how to make ore production line production value added is ore taste stone factory the most care question, new ore sand making machine with ore sand making machine manufacturers produce the high quality, let the sand making production line output multiply add, for stone material factory, ore field present value. When the new ore sand making machine aging to a certain level often, a decline in its use value, use cost forward. To eliminate physical aging, to rehabilitation after repair, and repair costs should be less than the value of the new machinery.When physical aging arrived in mechanical loss mission ability, after the repair can not rehabilitation of its function, using the updated machinery to replace the old machinery. Ore sand making machine manufacturers to continuous improvement plan, by using data, spare parts processing precision forward, increase the reliability of the use, structure of accurate, timely protection, reasonable storage, deployment process forward elders repair skill selection slows aging city tangible. Technological advance is often associated with forward speed, pressure, load and temperature, these will increase the mechanical physical aging.
ultrafine mill relative to the Raymond mill   No  
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The main is the moisture contained in the material for the impact of these two kinds of equipment production is not the same size, ultrafine mill equipment for the material moisture content requirements more stringent, otherwise the production process will be affected by the larger, and ultrafine powder Grinding equipment for the moisture content of materials less stringent requirements, because the device itself with a drying system, so the moisture content of the material on its production is not significant. ultrafine mill is to better meet the needs of the milling industry for the production of ultra-fine powder equipment, this equipment is based on the Raymond mill transformed from the Raymond mill itself is a kind of ultrafine mill equipment, but also in our country produce earlier ultrafine milling equipment, but the equipment can not meet the needs of the majority of industries, it produced a lot of other types of ultrafine powder production equipment, ultrafine mill is one , A modification of the Raymond mill equipment but with some differences from the Raymond mill equipment. In summary ultrafine mill, although improved by the Raymond mill, but it has many differences, ultrafine mill relative to the Raymond mill is more energy efficient, high yield, a wider range of applications, these differences Office are made of ultrafine milling machine more welcomed by many industries in the market.
Introduction of ultrafine mill price   No  
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This article highlights some of the benefits of ultrafine mill and how these benefits of the device give the production line what are the advantages and then introduces the cost-effectiveness of the device when it comes to purchasing as a reference Good, full-featured equipment, high technology content, while making the equipment price is relatively high, but it can bring greater advantages in the future use of the process, so the cost-effective equipment is high, the time of purchase should be based on Silicon carbide grinding with ultrafine mill cost-effective as a reference basis. In addition to the several advantages mentioned above, the ultrafine mill of for milling has been further improved in other respects. In view of this, due to the labor required by the conventional equipment in the production of, Factors in the automation, intelligent and other aspects of a great improvement, and equipment for the future maintenance of convenience in the structure has also made improvements. These advantages make the equipment used in production project can save a lot of labor, making the production more convenient and simple.
Raymond mill dust set easily broken reason   No  
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Raymond mill dust removal is a protective measure, dust bag is raymond mill supporting facilities, is a traditional dust removal equipment. Many users have found that cloth bags are more easily damaged, to the normal operation of the equipment has brought no small impact. Therefore, the current pulse dust removal equipment has gradually replaced the cloth dust bag dust bag is used to filter dust or air flow control device, which in the course of its use is not easy to wear parts. However, the dust bag also has a useful life, will wear. Lead Raymond wear dust bag wear reasons, mainly in the following two points: 1, if the Raymond grinding process produces a very fluid and highly abrasive dust, then the direct wear dust bag, reducing the service life, such as common aluminum powder, silicon powder and toner. 2, there is also a kind of dust on the dust bag wear is also very serious, that is charged with dust or hot particles. This is because chemical fiber filter is usually easy to charge, if the dust is very easy to produce sparks while charging, it is easy to damage the dust bag.
Raymond mill replacement trend   No  
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Raymond mill with the continuous development of the industry, as China's powder industry grinding the main equipment, high reliability, energy saving, precision, automation is the inevitable trend of its development. raymond mill in the powder industry will be mainly to high reliability, energy saving, precision, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control and other directions. Can adopt the SCR power supply, AC variable frequency speed control, grease lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and condition monitoring and computer automatic control devices. Among them, the high reliability needs to be studied through the rationalization of mechanical principles to enhance the abrasion resistance of the grinding ring, the lower capping cover and the like, and to improve the lubrication of the bearings before the continuous working condition of the machine. Which reliability is mainly through the rationalization of mechanical principles to enhance the wear ring, under the cap wear resistance, improve the machine in a continuous state before the lubrication of a bearing and so on. Automatic condition monitoring and automated control need to add intelligent intelligent electronic control system inside the Raymond mill, automatic control of material access, grinding, and quantitative. The operator only needs to control the button in the operation room. Improve the material grinding accuracy need to strengthen the accuracy of the analyzer.
selection process of ultrafine mill   No  
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Due to the role of centrifugal force when rotating, grinding roller swing outward, pressed against the grinding ring, so that shovel shovel material from the grinding roller and grinding ring, ultrafine mill to achieve the purpose of crushing materials. And then collected by the wind to the finished product. The wind selection process is as follows: After the material is ground, the fan blows the wind into the main shell, blows the powder, is sorted by the analyzer placed above the grinding chamber, the fineness of the material is falling into the grinding chamber, Fineness in line with the specifications of the wind into the whirlwind collector, collected after the discharge through the powder mouth, that is finished. The airflow is returned to the fan by the return air duct at the top of the large cyclone collector. The air duct is circulated and flows in the negative pressure state. The increase of the air volume of the circulating air duct is exhausted through the exhaust pipe in the middle of the fan and the host, into the small cyclone collector, and finally the purification process is carried out.