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high efficiency and low consumption ultrafine mill performance advantage   No  
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Environmental protection type ultrafine mill, the upgrading of new traditional mill equipment, this new ultrafine mill can completely resolve the advent of industrial milling operation dust smoke filled the predicament, thus opening a new chapter in mill industry with high efficiency and low consumption. Based on this, the following will be a simple exposition of the knowledge of the equipment related to the environmental protection ultrafine mill. The details are as follows:

One. The embodiment of high efficiency and low consumption of environmental protection ultrafine mill

1. In terms of energy saving, under the operating environment of the same output value, the new edition of environmental protection ultrafine mill machine can save 1-2 times as much as the traditional mill.

2. in the aspect of environmental protection, good equipment body sealing design, coupled with advanced pulse type dust collector equipped with auxiliary, more effective removal of up to 99.9% and, for noise pollution, but also by collocation some auxiliary silencer, so as to realize the green mill operation.

Two. The performance advantages of environmental protection ultrafine grinding

1. The fineness of the finished powder treated by environmental protection ultrafine grinding mill is even, the screening rate can reach 99%.

2. the environmental friendly ultra-fine grinding is integrated with crushing, drying, grinding and grading transportation. The layout is compact and the occupied area is small, which can save users a lot of investment cost.

3. The important parts of the machine are made of high quality castings and profiles, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of the equipment.

Three. The prospect of environmental ultra fine grinding in the market

First of all, on the one hand, energy saving and emission reduction in the current fierce voice, energy saving and environmental protection is the future development of the industrial milling equipment will trend, so destined to environmental protection in ultrafine grinding is a good prospect; Secondly, from the aspects of environmental protection, whether in the ultra-fine grinding processing ability, or in other aspects of milling effect show inferior to other high-end milling equipment, and the key is to protect the machine also pay more attention to the environment, so the environmental protection idea now, environment-friendly city will be sold into ultra-fine grinding.

Find the Right Ore Milling Equipment   No  

The development of Mineral processing equipment and beneficiation process is synchronous, The process is dominant, and the equipment is the foundation. We attaches great importance to the R&D and application of stone and Ore Milling Equipment. The birth of a new type of mineral processing equipment often brought about the change of the beneficiation process. The technical level of equipment, not only is the premise of the level of mineral processes technology, but also directly affects the smooth flow of production and applications processes.

A Ore Milling Equipment is one of the main types of primary crushers in a mine or ore processing plant. Jaw Crusher is a kind of stone crusher, and jaw crusher is also called rock crusher, jaw breaker, stone jaw crusher, single toggle jaw crusher and aggregate jaw crusher. This series of stone crusher plant can reach the crushing ratio of 4-6 and the shape of final product is even. The rock crushers are widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, and metallurgy and so on. In the next few years, we believe that our products are exported to Southeast Asia and Africa and the Middle East's chances: first, relatively fast economic development in Southeast Asia and Africa, transportation and other infrastructure investments increase, extraction of mineral resources intensified, particularly in Africa crusher demand increases; Second, Southeast Asian and African countries such as crusher behind, need to be imported; China's products have a price advantage to a wider range into the range of options of Asian and African countries.

It is suitable for primary and secondary Ore Milling Equipment all kinds of minerals and rocks with compressive strength less than 320 MPa. In construction, road and railway building, conversancy, etc. They are widely applied to crush high hardness, mid hardness and soft rocks and ores such as slags, construction materials, marble, etc. As a professional jaw crusher supplier, Henan jaw breakers has been sold to 75 countries, the price and quality of jaw crushers is widely recognized, we always stick to be your satisfying partner.

Construction waste crusher to promote the environment development   No  
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The situation of social development is fast changing, the development trend of low-carbon economy, the development trend of mining machinery industry has gradually become green, low carbon, environmental protection, and the theme of the launch to see a series of safety and energy-saving intelligent construction waste crusher. Construction waste crusher let green city construction is no longer flashy, but truly into the people's life. So we still need to continue to work hard to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, so as to enhance our independent innovation ability, and contribute to the development of social economy and the green and beautiful life of mankind.

Construction waste, like fly ash and waste slag, will be thrown away as waste, and the garbage is all over the mountain, taking up the area of cultivated land and polluting the environment. The construction waste crusher will gradually replace the traditional method of building garbage disposal and turn it into renewable resources.  We according to the needs of the development of the city, the success of the research into the construction waste crusher, can be removed from the concrete crushing after processed into recycled aggregate concrete aggregate, different uses of brick aggregate, the processing of construction waste into commodities, and directly use, but also greatly improve the the utilization efficiency of construction waste, effective implementation of the characteristics of the demolition project of environmental protection, no pollution, zero emissions.

In the process of construction waste disposal, mainly in the development of intelligent products, continuous learning and absorbing advanced technology knowledge, constantly optimize the construction waste disposal equipment in the production process, reduce unnecessary waste in the production process, but also reduce the production cycle of the product, to ensure customer requirements on product quality.

Construction Waste Crusher:

the importance of ultrafine mill in the cement production line   No  
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In the series of pulverizer products developed by the company, there is a series of common series, that is ultrafine mill. This Ultrafine Mill has an important role in the production of cement. With the rapid development of the domestic real estate, real estate and related downstream industries have been developing very fast, the industry, ore processing in cement production machinery manufacturing industry have made great development, and the development process in cement production industry, cannot do without the help of ultrafine mill.

Cement is necessary for building construction products, and is mainly sand, water mixing into concrete, cement in concrete production plays the main role is the binder, and the steel and concrete production is the main material for building construction, from this point we can see that an important role in the construction of cement built in.

Cement is a widely used product. In order to meet the demand for cement in the market, many customers are engaged in cement processing and production, so how is cement produced? Generally speaking, cement is the process of processing ore powder after firing. Mineral powder is an important material for cement production, so to produce cement, we first need to produce mineral powder.

There are many kinds of different kinds of ore powder, because it was obtained after grinding, ore is different, and in the production of cement powder needed is mostly obtained by limestone after grinding, grinding into powder or limestone, is a raw material for cement production.

Because in the cement production of limestone powder fineness requirements are not very high, so we used to ultrafine mill powder grinding is different from other milling equipment, we usually use ultrafine mill to grind limestone in cement production, because the vertical milling machine company development and production to grind limestone, limestone and the ground below 650 mesh the fineness, and customers through the finished material fineness regulation can accurately adjust the fineness of slag, limestone for specific processing, so as to meet the requirements of cement production, in order to serve the construction industry, so as to bring economic benefits to customers.

Ultrafine mill is the most commonly used equipment in cement production. It can not only be used as grinding material for limestone and other raw materials, but also can be used for the production of desulfurizer, so as to help the flue gas desulfurization of cement plant after burning, so as to achieve environmental protection production.

Mobile crusher is outstanding in the construction waste crushing industry   No  
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Mobile crushing station since r&d manufacturing and turn it into the market in construction waste treatment industry raised a hot wave of giant construction garbage regeneration process, the construction waste crusher configuration of drive half a mobile rubber-tyred mobile crushing station and automatic crawler mobile crusher, can literally mobile devices to want processing of construction waste places, has broken the traditional construction waste processing mode, at certain places for comprehensive utilization of construction waste in China opens a new convenient green channel.

Variegated mobile crushing station is the integration of the whole machine, construction waste processing production line, it combines feeding, crushing, transmission, processing, recycling and processing, and other processing technology is an organic whole, very convenient, construction waste is a big obstacle in the development of our country's city, is also the most headaches and pressing issues on its government, mobile crushing station, can make construction waste directly into the thickness aggregates and soil, and can be used to replace sand used in construction or processed into concrete and brick wall materials and environmental protection, etc., both reducing the construction waste and solid waste pollution to the environment, also save a large amount of natural mineral resources, really realize the circulation economy development.

Mobile crushing plant in our country start time is relatively late, development history is short for construction waste processing, a high degree of automation configuration is very easy to operate, the capacity of equipment, a wide range of optional parts to adapt to a variety of applications. The operation cost is greatly reduced, the operation rate is high, and the crushing efficiency is high. Reliable production, continuous operation.

Influence factors of fineness of ultrafine mill   No  
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The ultrafine mill distributed widely in the different parts of the equipment manufacturers, have different advantages, ultrafine mill also has the difference in quality, performance, and the problems encountered in the work is various, reduce but cannot do without change and fineness of production capacity, as well as parts of the fault. Here is to introduce the area of the production of ultrafine mill at work, for what are the main influential factors of fineness. According to the working principle of the equipment and the size of the different types of equipment in the working time and the requirements for its feeding properties, the factors that cause the fineness change in their work are mainly the following aspects. What are the factors affecting the fineness of the ultrafine mill 1, material properties, such as hardness is too large, will cause the increase of milling difficulty, the ultrafine mill output and fineness of change, in view of this phenomenon, we need to ensure that the fineness of equipment, working in time, ensure the feed processing equipment meets the requirements, at the same time to ensure the block and powder in proportion to the mineral reasonable and stable, so as to achieve uniform powder fineness; 2, when the work of ultrafine mill, one of the factors of speed but also affect its fineness in general, if the speed is too high or too low, will make the meal or flour early transfer to the powder outlet. The influence of material fineness, the phenomenon of the solution is through regulating the size of motor current milling machine to achieve the speed of adjustment, so as to realize the reasonable fineness requirements; 3, ultrafine mill grinding the finished product in the collection process, through the classification of the screening device selection, does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the mill will be two times, to improve the fineness of grinding fineness, ensure uniform, so for the screening device selection and use is also very important; 4, Wear caused by the change of the fineness of ultrafine mill internal parts, because once the wear phenomenon, will cause the material grinding insufficient phenomenon, this makes the fineness of change, in view of this phenomenon, when we need to feed, to ensure the material properties meet the equipment requirements, in order to to reduce the wear degree, and in the daily production, attention to equipment maintenance, prolong its service life.
The cause and treatment method of heating of the bearing of the stone crusher   No  
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Stone stone crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment for crushing and processing stone sand production process, common stone crushing equipment include jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and so on, there is a big difference between the performance of different stone crushing machine, mainly to remind the user to bearing stone crusher, bearing stone crushing machine is a weak point.

It's a professional stone crushing equipment manufacturer. Here I would like to talk about the situation of the bearing temperature rising due to the chance of stone breaking, and what are the causes of this situation and how to deal with this situation. Here is a brief talk to you. The reason that the rotor bearing temperature of the stone crusher is too high may be in the following aspects.

The bearing clearance is too small for the stone crusher to cause the bearing temperature to rise too high. The selection of the grades of the lubricating oil of the stone crusher is not proper, the viscosity is too large or the viscosity is too small to form oil film, which can cause the bearing temperature to rise too high. Especially when the lubricating oil viscosity, not only increases the internal friction between the lubricating oil molecules, but also increases the friction between oil and metals, and excessive heat; improper installation of rubber plate rubber plate coupling is too thick, the stiffness, deflection, bearing friction, leading to rivalry, heat too much.

Knowing the cause of the temperature rise of the stone crusher bearing, the user can solve the problem of the temperature rise of the bearing of the stone crusher according to the reason. The user can meet the specified requirements by adjusting the bearing clearance, and the coaxial degree of the positive motor and the crusher rotor is less than 0.5mm. And using the level of the motor shaft two bearings, crusher flywheel rotor and bearing outer ring respectively for motor rotor and crusher rotor level, and then use the connecting pipe for cable crane review, hammer crusher motor and method review center line straightness, until the meet the requirements so far.

ultrafine mill has unique advantages to attract customers   No  
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Our company manufacturing strengthen type ultrafine mill is mainly used in the production of ore powder equipment, it can make the ore grinding to fine fineness can reach 2500, and if the user does not need such a fine material, can also be ground to 325 mesh, can be adjusted in 325 to 2500 between.There are so many ultrafine mills on the market, so what is the special advantage of the ultrafine mill that can attract so many customers?

First of all, the grinding material layer and multi round powder selection principle, and each rotor can be variable speed, the grinding fineness in the selected range does not require a grader can be realized, and energy saving than ordinary mill.

Secondly, the automation level of the machine is comparable to that of all kinds of intelligent operation systems, such as mechanical limit device and electronic limit device, roller press control mode, single lubrication station device, etc., which can easily monitor the mill production status, and is safe and reliable.

Moreover, the ultrafine mill pays special attention to the energy saving and environmental protection. Wear-resistant parts use high quality materials, save metal consumption, work under negative pressure, no dust overflow, and small vibration, low noise, meet the environmental requirements.

The new ultrafine mill is a new professional equipment in the ultra-fine milling industry. It has outstanding advantages in technology application, product quality, production efficiency, production cost, energy saving and environmental protection. It's your best choice.

Process flow chart of construction waste crushing plant   No  
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In recent years, the amount of construction waste produced by urban construction has been increasing, and the annual emissions of construction waste are all tens of millions of tons. The emergence of a new type construction waste crusher helps to realize the recycling of building garbage. Before the construction waste disposal by landfill, in addition to the large consumptive field, occupy valuable land resources, energy consumption, pollution and other negative factors. Therefore, how to use it is imminent and social and highly technical problems need further.

The construction of garbage after crushing, sorting, crushing or eliminating waste, most can be used as the regenerate resources, such as scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and various accessories such as scrap metal, after sorting, concentrated and re melted, can be manufactured into various specifications of steel; waste bamboo timber can used in the manufacture of artificial wood; brick, stone and concrete waste crushing, can replace sand, used in masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion, and can also be used for making bricks, paving brick, brick and other building materials, lattice.

In the crushing process of building waste recycled fine aggregate, due to the physical characteristics of the material itself, the two stage crushing is usually used, and the particle size of the crushing product is 0-10mm, which accounts for about 25%. In order to improve the production of fine aggregate, it is a very effective means to use two stage breakage to break three stages and make most of the broken products less than 0-10. However, in the specific technology and technology, there are many problems, such as complex process, difficult process layout, large amount of electricity consumption and excessive investment.

To this end, the company based on the original equipment on the basis of many tests and improvements, the introduction of construction waste special model. The device can not only achieve multi-stage crushing, but also meet the needs of grain size regulation. It provides a perfect solution for building waste aggregate recycling and crushing process, and it is the best choice for construction waste crusher.

Auxiliary equipment for ultrafine grinding mill   No  
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The rapid development of the mining machinery industry makes it impossible to meet the production requirements of high yield and high fineness. Because of its high yield and high precision, the ultrafine mill has developed rapidly. It is very important to choose the equipment that suits you. In the purchase of ultrafine mill, there will be some ancillary equipment, some of which are necessary, some of which can be replaced by other tools. The following is the auxiliary equipment in the ultrafine grinding machine.

In the whole equipment of ultrafine mill, there are conveyor, feeder and powder collector, powder storage and so on.

1. The conveying equipment is in the process of ultrafine grinding mill. The raw ore is required to be transported from the storage point to the grinding machine.

2. Feeding machine equipment, feeding machine will continuously feed materials to the equipment in the next equipment, which is an indispensable equipment in the equipment of ultrafine powder mill.

3. Some metering equipment, in the process of processing, needs to be accurately quantified and evenly supplied, some measuring equipment is needed, and the commonly used hopper type measurement is used.

4. Ultrafine mill used to collect the equipment of finished products. The main collection methods are: gravity, inertia, centrifugation, filtration and electrostatic collection.

These are the supporting equipment in the ultrafine grinding equipment. These are the indispensable equipment. Customers who purchase the ultra-fine powder equipment should pay attention to whether the supporting equipment is complete.

Construction waste recycling is extremely urgent   No  
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A solid construction waste is currently very serious pollution, in recent years, the urbanization development but also add to the production of construction waste, construction waste accumulation and transportation cost a lot of resources and manpower, not only is the current environmental protection policy is a big obstacle. Faced with a huge amount of construction waste and increasing production, it is urgent to recycle and reuse the garbage. As the pilot province of construction waste crusher management and resource utilization, it has outstanding performance in the construction waste recycling and utilization, which is the driving force behind it.

1. Modular integration design, breaking through the original fixed mode, more flexible and more adaptable.

2. Be on call at any time, at any time, not affected by the site and production environment, with strong mobility.

3. Diversified structure design to meet the production needs of different materials.

4. Wear-resistant, corrosion resistant, the body vulnerable parts adopt international advanced high-end precise materials, and the replacement cycle is infinite.

5. Simple and easy to assemble, able to quickly enter the working state, and the early stage of stagnation is short.

6. Professional and technical personnel follow and guide, after-sales network and considerate service, saving user's maintenance expense and time.

construction waste crusher:

A complete set of crushing equipment for sand and stone production line   No  
No Picture

With the development of social economy, "energy conservation and environmental protection" is the theme of social development, the industrialization of the both in construction and enterprise production, more and more strict with stone crushing equipment , such as high automation level, good quality, since can, muti_function change, etc. More and more stone production line equipment appears in the construction industry, which is used in the production of mixed soil, which not only increases the speed of the construction industry, but also increases the profit.

Stone production line equipment of feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine of main equipment, such as the stone production line is divided into gravel production line and sand production line, production line equipment configuration according to the classification of different and different. The attention of the entrepreneurs to the stone production line has been increasing, and now the stone production line has been widely used in various quarries, sand and stone field production sites.

In the development of the application of the market hot, enterprises should seize the opportunity, conform to the situation development needs, improve product quality and high-end brand shaping, positive innovation, research and development of new products at the same time, vigorously promote clean production and the development of circular economy, leading the stone production line machinery industry development, for the green economic growth to seek new ways. At present, with the rapid development of economic construction, the demand for mechanism sand is gradually increasing, and a set of complete and efficient stone production line can better solve the problem of large demand of the mechanism sand.

Green ultrafine mill has good development prospects   No  
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A device in the process of development, could the machine as the change of market demand in all directions, it is a possible, but no matter which direction toward improvement, must meet the demand of the market, for Ultrafine Mill this kind of equipment, it is produced to fine powder production, but if you want to get a better development prospects, need continuous improvement, constantly meet the market demand.

In mill industry development in the process, high yield, intelligence and so on are constantly need to meet, so as to bring better benefit for production, and conducive to reduce operating steps, can better meet the needs of production, it is the same for ultrafine mill, its existence is to fine powder production, also meet the demand, but also need to improve to better existence and market.

In the process of the development of ultrafine pulverizer, need to continuously improve production capacity, improve the structure, which is also a very important aspect of environmental protection, because now life people environmental protection consciousness is more and more strong, if the machine at work, produce pollution, it is difficult to accepted by the customer, so environmental protection is a kind of development trend.

Ultrafine mill in the production of environmental protection is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the noise, it is dust pollution, at the time of production, pay attention to the noise can't exceed a certain standard, dust don't spill the grinding room, so as to ensure that the requirements of environmental protection, these two points are very important.

sand maker plays a very important role in the building industry   No  
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In order to satisfy the demands of social and economic development, sand maker machine manufacturing companies launched large-sized equipment. With high automatic degree, the equipment is able to fulfill the sand making work with high efficiency. In the sand making process, the operation of the sand maker is safer and more stable, which significantly improves the efficiency of environmental protection.

The sand making equipment plays a very important role in the building industry since the quality of the buildings; the speed and cost of the construction are all indirectly influenced by the sand making equipment. Regarding the economic pattern of our country, there will be many excellent opportunities waiting the development of the manufacturing and technology upgrading of sand maker and the sales and production of this machine will be an industry full of investment potential. However, in order to improve the market competitiveness, the development of this equipment should follow a certain direction. The development direction of the sand making equipment in our country in the future will be towards large-sized, intelligent and green and environmentally friendly.

The market demands for sand and stone is continuously increasing, and the sand making production line and the stone production line cannot work with sand making equipment, and the building industry needs large quantities of sand and stone aggregates, consequently, the development of sand maker is the lifeblood of the whole building industry. The production and technological level of sand maker must be constantly improved in order to meet the market demands and ensure the smooth construction of the buildings.

Improve the Raymond Mill Efficiency of Mineral Processing   No  
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Raymond mill is a commonly used grinding equipment in the quarry plant. Raymond mill is mainly suitable for processing mohs hardness below 7, humidity below 6% of all kinds of inflammable and explosive ore, such as gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone, marble, barite, dolomite, granite, kaolin clay, bauxite, iron oxide red, iron ore, etc.

Raymond mill is a mineral processing equipment commonly used in mineral processing equipment. It is also a high-energy equipment. The energy saving design and parameter optimization design of Raymond mill plant is of great significance to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of mineral processing.

1. Strong systemic and high screening rate. The whole machine is a three-dimensional structure, which occupies a small area and has a strong system. It can form a separate production system from the raw material processing to the packaging of powder and powder. The fine fineness of finished product is uniform, and the sieve rate is as high as 99%.

2. Easy to control and easy to maintain. With the centralized control electrical system, the workshop can realize the unattended operation. The electromagnetic vibration feeder is used to feed the material, continuously and evenly, easy to adjust, save oil and power, and easy to maintain.

3. Stable transmission and high wear resistance. The machine transmission device adopts the closed gear box and the belt wheel, the transmission is stable, the operation is reliable. The core components adopt high - performance wear-resistant materials, high wear resistance and cost saving.

The development direction of construction waste crusher   No  
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At present, we are to deal with construction waste, mainly in the recycling of construction waste, the pavement base, foundation in applied, packing and the production of concrete brick and concrete block. Therefore, we need to introduce more effective construction waste crusher and make effective application.

1. Towards the development of light quantification and reduction.

Current screening machine, crusher has a certain capacity, however, because of the heavy equipment, the overall size is larger, it is difficult to to a platform integration, give the basic requirements of mobile crusher are hard to satisfy. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the equipment with light quality and small appearance to ensure that the construction waste can be handled more conveniently and flexibly.

2. Evolution towards automation.

When dealing with construction waste, because the noise is large and the environment is bad, there is a lot of powder in the air, and the equipment can threaten workers' safety at high speed. When dealing with construction waste, minimize the participation of workers and improve the automation of the equipment, which will become an important equipment for handling construction waste.

3. Develop towards a diversified task. In order to better recycle construction waste, we will require more stringent recycling techniques, especially for recycled aggregate materials. So, you need to develop more suitable construction waste treatment facilities, have the ability to screen out, crushing construction waste, to ensure better able to deal with the recycled aggregates, thus improving regeneration aggregate performance.

construction waste crusher:

application value of construction waste after crushing   No  
No Picture

The construction industry in our country is becoming more and more prosperous, but the same day is the huge amount of construction waste that the city faces every day. According to reliable data, construction waste is completely consistent with the product of circular green economy. It can be recovered through professional construction waste crusher and can be effectively reflected in the dual value of economy and society. This professional building garbage breakage equipment, that is, a mobile crushing station, can effectively break down the building garbage. So the question is, what is the recycling value of the construction waste after the mobile crushing station is treated?

The regenerated aggregate of construction waste, which is the first to bear the brunt, is one of the value of building garbage collection. As a result of the new round of construction, aggregate and concrete are the basic building materials needed. However, these infrastructure materials in the market are in short supply, and the aggregate produced by construction waste crusher can solve the raw materials needed in the new construction process.

In addition, construction waste, recycled brick, concrete and some high value-added products such as thermal insulation material, wall insulation wall and dry mixed mortar are also the main embodiment of the value of construction waste recycling.

The station not only for the disposal of construction waste garbage pollution and land occupation blank effectively eradicated mobile crushing, also works on a new round of contribution based on the market demand of raw materials, so the mobile crushing station to generate economic value and social benefits, have had a positive effect on the great development of the city.

Performance advantages of construction waste crusher   No  
No Picture

With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the recycling of construction waste has been put into use in all parts of the country. Construction waste crusher is our company with development and production of new crushing equipment international technology is very advanced, the device not only has a higher crushing efficiency, excellent quality, and the yield of the equipment is also very high, the price is relatively affordable, is currently on the market application of common equipment, favored by the majority of users in this paper, the construction waste crusher are introduced briefly.

Structure of construction waste crusher

The construction waste crusher is simple in structure, mainly composed of rollers, roller bearings, compacting and adjusting devices, and driving devices. Operation and maintenance are also very convenient.

Performance advantages of construction waste crusher

1. the output is high: there are very advanced technical parameters, the crushing principle is also very advanced, and the crushing ratio is large, so that the finished products after crushing are even, and the output is also very high.

2. less wear and tear parts: it is made of advanced international advanced materials. The equipment has super strong wear resistance and impact resistance, and extends the replacement period of vulnerable parts.

3. low energy consumption: the use of international advanced motor equipment, so that the energy consumption of its equipment in the process of operation is very low, which can save a lot of cost for processing plants every year.

4. convenient maintenance: the internal structure of the design is reasonable, the replacement of parts is very convenient, shorten the maintenance time of the equipment in maintenance.

5. low noise, small vibration: Advanced silencing device, so that the equipment in the process of work will not appear any noise, improve the surrounding construction environment.

6. The grain size of the finished product is uniform: the finished product has a uniform grain size, the shape of the particles is good, the cube content is very much, and the needle like material is reduced.

energy saving and environmental protection vertical roller mill   No  
No Picture

Our company responds to the national call for energy saving and environmental protection, compares the material selection of vertical roller mill very carefully, selects those material manufacturing equipment that has excellent energy saving and environmental protection, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the equipment itself.

The vertical roller mill adopts the closed gearbox and belt wheel, and the lubrication system is very clean, the transmission device operates smoothly, there will be no dust overflow during the operation process, and the production process is more safe and reliable.

In order to reduce dust on air pollution, dust collector at present in many large equipments are configuration, our company vertical milling machine configuration is pulse filter type dust collector, the advanced configuration, the dust removal effect is remarkable, can reduce dust emissions of vertical mill operations, reduce air pollution. Noise pollution is also in the range of pollution. In order to solve the problem of noise pollution, our company is equipped with auxiliary mufflers on the vertical roller mill, which can reduce the pollution caused by noise pollution and achieve green grinding operation.

Our company's energy saving and environmental protection oriented vertical roller mill plays an important role in improving the working environment of mining area. It has been successfully implemented in many processing plants, and has won the favor of consumers.

vertical roller mill operation:

The performance of the construction waste crushing line   No  
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The construction waste disposal production line is made up of crushing machinery, screening machinery and auxiliary equipment, of which construction waste crusher plays an important role. The difference between the different forms of fixed construction waste treatment production line is that these mechanical devices are installed on one or more special chassis. The production line of building garbage disposal has been widely used in various fields such as ore crushing and building garbage disposal in China.

The building is produced by the blasting demolition of the construction waste, after pretreatment, can enter grain crusher, the excavator is sent to the feeder, feeder small waste through the pre screening after discharge, aniseed into crusher crusher, impact crusher feeding conveyer are arranged above the separator, separation of steel construction waste the material enters the screening station after screening, aniseed returned back breaking cycle is broken, small material by belt conveyor to the refined material pile.

In addition to the feeding system, the crushing system, the screening system and the conveying system, the production line is equipped with a self powered power device according to the mobility of the flow operation. According to the different crushing and screening process, the structure of the equipment is also different.