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environmentally friendly vertical roller mill   No  
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A new generation of environmentally friendly economic type vertical roller mill is a traditional milling equipment upgrades and new products, the advent of the machine can not only resolve the traditional dust sky milling equipment in the production process and the production efficiency of the powder in the predicament, and powder products equal also are greatly improved, so pay attention to environmental protection and now, the environmental economic vertical roller mill favored by users.

What's the advantage of environmental vertical roller mill?

Compared with the traditional mill, the new generation of environmental protection vertical roller mill has some economic and environmental characteristics. It also has a good performance in some other aspects.

1. in terms of flour production: under normal circumstances, the new generation of environmentally-friendly vertical mills can produce up to 120t/h of powder output. If combined with standardized operation, the output value will be higher, which can fully meet the daily production needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. in the milling effect: after the new generation of environmentally-friendly mill, the fine grit passing rate can reach more than 99%, which is a difficult condition for ordinary mills nowadays.

3. in the wear resistance of the equipment: the important parts of the casting material are made of high quality and high strength, excellent workmanship, can make the equipment wear resistance and compression resistance are improved greatly, so the general mills than the machine, the machine for the long lasting some more.

4. in terms of operation cost input: unlike other milling equipment, the new generation of environmental friendly vertical mills can operate with strong automation and no need for too many personnel inputs.

Highly Efficient Sand Maker Opens up New Chapter for Making Sand   No  
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In order to satisfy the demands of social and economic development, sand making machine manufacturing companies launched large-sized equipment. With high automatic degree, the equipment is able to fulfill the sand maker work with high efficiency. In the sand making process, the operation of the sand maker is safer and more stable, which significantly improves the efficiency of environmental protection.

The sand making equipment plays a very important role in the building industry since the quality of the buildings; the speed and cost of the construction are all indirectly influenced by the sand making equipment. Regarding the economic pattern of our country, there will be many excellent opportunities waiting the development of the manufacturing and technology upgrading of sand maker and the sales and production of this machine will be an industry full of investment potential. However, in order to improve the market competitiveness, the development of this equipment should follow a certain direction. The development direction of the sand making equipment in our country in the future will be towards large-sized, intelligent and green and environmentally friendly.

The market demands for sand and stone is continuously increasing, and the sand making production line and the stone production line cannot work with sand making equipment, and the building industry needs large quantities of sand and stone aggregates, consequently, the development of sand maker is the lifeblood of the whole building industry. The production and technological level of sand maker must be constantly improved in order to meet the market demands and ensure the smooth construction of the buildings.

What is the reason why ultrafine mill does not produce powder?   No  
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The ultrafine mill has good performance in milling, especially in the aspect of ultrafine powder. Because the ultrafine grinding mill particle size is two more precise than that of the machine, the powder has been grinded repeatedly before coming out, and the discharge is more suitable for users.

When used, there are many requirements for the ultrafine mill, so as to ensure the user's production needs. But after two users' reflection, the machine will not produce powder when operating the ultrafine mill. What is the reason for this? This must be a fault which causes the abnormal production of the machine.

In order to solve the problem, find the source of the accident first, which is the key to solving the problem. Then, in the search for the problem to be comprehensive, but also in accordance with the specific conditions to deal with, according to the phenomenon of powder, we should start from two aspects.

In order to solve the failure of ultrafine grinding equipment that can not produce powder, it is first to check whether the lower feeder is not strict. Because two kinds of ultrafine grinding equipment adopts circulating air and achieves the goal of gas solid separation through cyclone separator, while the cyclone separators must remain closed when both positive and negative pressure exist simultaneously. Therefore, in the process of winnowing out the fault powder, can solve a problem by blanking sealing mouth of cyclone separator.

In actual production, users will use double blanking devices two times, and then adopt the principle of single stage circular seal, so that two will not fail to get out of powder, so that production can be carried out normally.

However, when the powder nozzle is sprayed out of the inlet of the ultra-fine grinding equipment, it is caused by the poor ventilation of the dust collector. Because of the principle of circulating air, during the grinding process of mill, two heat will be generated, and the amount of heat and excess air must be discharged through the bag filter.

In this process, if the dust of mill dust and gas can not be discharged, so these will be discharged from the feed inlet, resulting in the feed opening outward dusting phenomenon, the failure to pass a regular cleaning dust bag, or by automatic pulse filter method to solve.

construction waste crusher help the construction waste reuse   No  
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In order to meet the needs of urban modernization and make the urban construction waste become a treasure, our company's researchers have studied many times and finally successfully launched a complete set of equipment for building garbage disposal. The construction waste crusher process is built up by jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, multiple vibrating screens, feeder and so on. After construction, the construction waste is broken and sieved.

The construction waste crusher has been optimized and strengthened, with higher strength, better performance and more compact structure. This product has the characteristics of reliable performance, good stability, strong mobility, reduce transportation cost, flexible combination, strong adaptability, convenient maintenance, production of the products can be widely used in brick, road infrastructure, construction and other industries, and provides a new idea for the development of city construction on the road of virtuous cycle.

Finished products after construction waste treatment:

1. many of the waste in construction waste can be reused as a renewable resource after sorting, removing or smashing. Such as: scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and various accessories such as scrap metal, after sorting, concentrated and re melted, can be manufactured into various specifications of steel;

2. waste bamboo wood can be used to make artificial wood;

3. brick, stone, concrete and other waste crushing, can replace sand, used in masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion, and can also be used for making bricks, paving brick, brick and other building materials, lattice.

construction waste crusher:

economical and practical sand washing machine   No  
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Now, though the equipments in the sand washing machine industry appear in our life phenomenon, the variety of the equipment brings us more benefits, not only in the wide range of choices, but also on the price. The general user due to lack of understanding of the sand washing machine configuration knowledge, so usually by the high performance equipment of interest, this is a good idea, but buy equipment or to create a certain economic value can, so now for everyone to choose the way it is equipment according to their actual situation select their own the equipment. Such a selection principle is reasonable for us to purchase other products at ordinary times. It doesn't require high performance to buy things. If we are suitable for our jobs, we can create some economic value in a certain period of work.

The main function of the current sand washing machine is washing function. It has a very good effect in removing the surface layer, so now it is widely applied in all large and medium-sized construction projects. For the washing machine industry now is a production of such equipment manufacturers main requirements in product is economic and practical effect. production and processing of such equipment is not the problem, and in the production and processing of various equipment on program production planning experience is also very much, the production of various types of energy efficient products when complete, available for users to choose from.

Such a sand washing machine in production and processing operations, equipment selection can only affect product quality and processing flow, and the efficiency is also affected. The main equipment of our company is to provide different production technology and processing plan according to the different needs of the user. And such a device can cooperate with other equipment in the production line to complete a very good effect.

Sand making machine plays an important role in making high quality sand aggregate   No  
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Sand making machine is mainly used for the production of sand and gravel aggregate, and sand and gravel aggregate is a necessary raw material in various construction, so the sand maker machine can be widely used in various construction. The application of sand making machine includes the material used in sand making machine and the industry that it can apply. It is necessary to understand the market demand of sand making machine first.

With the development of various Chinese infrastructure construction, demand for all kinds of sand in the construction volume has increased, it is the construction of the natural stone material, but because of the huge demand of China construction, natural sand can not meet the needs of various construction, so now most of the building is used to replace sand. The mechanism of sand is a through sand making machine to cut large pieces of rocks and dug from the river in the river gravel broken into a small piece of artificial sand particles, artificial sand is rich in mineral resources, general rocks by crushing can prepare enough artificial sand, so artificial sand than natural sand to a much lower price, this is a price advantage of artificial sand. In recent years, with the improvement of sand making machine technology, the quality of machine-made sand has been greatly improved. The particle size of machine-made sand is relatively uniform. After washing by sand washing machine, the quality of machine-made sand is relatively small, so it is also an excellent choice for various construction.

The industry of sand making machine can be used in the construction of high speed rail, bridge construction, highway construction, building construction and so on. The recent decision to silver West to high-speed railway construction, the construction of Beijing rail transit construction, Jiangsu railway network construction and rural road network construction need to use sand making machine, sand making machine mainly to break rocks used in making fine aggregate effect here.

Wide Application and Features of Stone Jaw Crusher   No  
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Stone jaw crusher is the latest rock stone crushing machine which is mainly used for processing materials that need transportation in metallurgy, chemistry, building material and water and power station and especially for processing stone materials in highway, railway and water-power engineering projects. According to the types, size of the raw materials and the requirement of the final products, the customers can adopt various configuration means.

Stone jaw crushers greatly expand the concept field of coarse crushing, and its designing mission is that standing in the position of customers, eliminates the impediments brought by the crushing site and the environment to the crushing process and provides highly efficient and low-cost project operational equipment for the customers.

Wide Application of Stone Jaw Crusher

Stone jaw crusher can be used for crushing many kinds of materials in metallurgy, chemistry and building material and other industries.

(1) It is widely used for the recycle of industrial wastes and building wastes in mining and coal mines, city infrastructure construction and road paving industry.

(2) It can be used for processing topsoil and other types of materials, separating sticky concrete aggregate, screening the materials after crushing and quarrying in the mining industry.

(3) It is also used for manufacturing artificial sand.

Features of Stone Jaw Crusher

(1) The working line of the Stone jaw crusher is relatively short, and different crushing equipment can be separately installed on independent Stone chassis, so that it can flexibly move on common road and in working area.

(2) It can reduce the transportation cost of the materials because it is able to process the materials directly on the crushing site, so that there is no need to move the materials to other sites for processing, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost.

(3) It has flexible combination and strong adaptability. According to different crushing requirement, it can be combined into “first crushing and then screening”, or “first screening and then crushing”, and according to the actual requirement, it can also be combined into coarse crushing, fine crushing and then screening system or coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing and screening system, and it can also operate independently.

sand making machine boosts the development of mining industry   No  
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The mining machine industry is developing at the extreme speed in recent years. The current existing issues are the problems needing exploring in practice, for instance, the model selection of sand making machine , how to improve the product quality while reducing the production cost. Given the current domestic application condition of sand maker, it is good enough to be used. China has been focusing on the construction of energy saving society. Therefore, it is our goal to positively promote and develop the sand maker and become the best sand maker manufacturer so as to strengthen human being’s environmental responsibility.

The experts in believe that the highest priority is to improve product quality while putting an end to low price competition. Due to the imperfection of current macro-control system, product quality has not been fully managed and supervised by relevant departments. The "90 Median Price" formulated by industry in 1991 plays a positive role in guiding the formulation of industry price system and standardizing enterprise behavior. Given all of that, it was recommended that the government concerned, along with guilds, should take measures to regulate the market in order to ensure reasonable and orderly competition environment. Meanwhile, calling for motor manufacturers to consciously implement the price system is essential.

According to heavy demands of cobble sand production line in sand industry, engineers in choose the moments and vigorously develop sand maker innovation and upgrading. On the basis of concrete demands of customers for engineering stone and building sand, supplies you with sand makers of various specifications, featuring in high automation, large crushing ratio, high efficiency and large processing capacity. Moreover, the equipment maintenance is quite simple. It will bring customers remarkable benefits because its service life is longer as a result of the adoption of internationally advanced high-strength wearable materials to quick-wear parts. In the meantime, the influences of China sand maker industry are becoming bigger and bigger. China with gross production accounting for 70% of the world has been the dominant country in worldwide sand maker industry. Joint venture or sole proprietorship factories have been founded in China by the world-famous sand maker manufacturers, which boosts the development of whole industry.

installation method of sand washing machine   No  
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Sand washing machine is a sand washing equipment for stone factory, the most commonly used sand factory. The sand washer machine has widely used in many industries, the drive motor, reducer, driving the impeller to tank kept in tanks for circumferential rotation, so that the gravel or slag particles sink in the stir in the water, turning, washing and dehydration by water in the impeller discharge.

Here we have to know about the installation of sand washer machine
1. the sand washing machine equipment should be installed in the level of concrete foundation, anchor bolt fixed.
2. the installation should pay attention to the main body and the horizontal vertical.
3. after installation check each part of the bolt looseness and mainframe warehouse door whether fastening, please fastening.
4. by the dynamic allocation of power line equipment and control switch.
5. check, empty load test, commissioning normal production can be carried out.

Sand washing machine working for heating in winter when the crushing plant, in order to make the lubrication system is working properly, an electric heater is arranged in the tank before starting to improve the oil temperature . In the summer when the temperature increased, the water into the filter cooler oil cooling. The Quarry crusher thin oil lubrication system, suggest the best use of these kinds of lubricating oil: normal temperature in the heating plant in the selection of 45, or 50 of industrial lubricants and automobile and tractor lubricating oil.

The flexibility of the ultrafine mill can bring more choices to the user   No  
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Ultrafine mill production technology is relatively mature, which not only refers to the machine for processing material, but also refers to the ultrafine mill working principle is flexibility and intelligent, which gives users more flexibility to change the choice here is to introduce the problems.

Ultrafine grinding mill is a common grinding mill, now that the use of devices on the market, its production technology is relatively mature, have greater improvement in productivity, simple operation and so on, and to highlight the effect of these aspects makes its use, also has better flexibility, the machine brings space more to the customer.

The so-called flexibility, mainly refers to the superfine grinding machine is composed of many parts, such as grinding roller and grinding ring, Meihua frame, frame, blade and blade liner, these different components play an important role in production, but for the material production, is indispensable, in general for these parts with different models, they need to be installed with different types of host, to form different types of equipment, these devices have different production capacity, while working, can complete the production process of different materials, assembling form of the flexible, can meet the needs of different customers.

The other is in the structure of ultrafine grinding, these different parts were assembled with the host, and then form a device when it is in the process of work, if any one of these parts there is a problem or need to be replaced by the time can be directly removed, without other parts, complete the replacement process, performance recovery equipment, makes the production smoothly, but also said that when the mill there is a problem, the replacement of the process or the solution is relatively simple, the cost is relatively low, which is one aspect of the machine more attractive.

The article mainly introduces the superfine grinding flexibility can give users more choice for the analysis of this problem mainly in two aspects, one is the machine is composed of different parts, different types of equipment require different parts to assemble, can meet the different material production, brings more choices to two is the customer, machine replacement more convenient, can complete the maintenance of the production process more quickly, this can greatly facilitate customers.


ultrafine mill keep stable high yield can help the production line get better benefits   No  
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The working process of ultrafine grinding mill, for the requirements of the production process is stable, high yield, so as to bring better efficiency and benefit for the entire production line, this point is any ultra fine grinding mill users expect to see the effect, but in the actual production process, there are a lot of factors that will make up the machine the steady and high demand, here is to analyze the factors that cause this phenomenon which has the problem.

In general, ultrafine grinding in production, in order to achieve high and stable yield effect, not only has a relationship with the entire production line equipment, and also the wear condition of operation of the sealing system, parts of the relationship and the use of lubrication system, so the device can not achieve stable high production requirements, need to start from these to solve.

Different factors are not the same for production, such as sealing system of ultra fine mill, if the sealing effect is not good, will cause the dust can not overflow, this phenomenon will cause the environment, and dust into the interior of the device and increase the wear at the same time, the lubricating effect is reduced, these the situation, will cause serious wear and tear parts, this phenomenon will, so that they will not help the material good crushing and powder selection process, then there will be decline in efficiency.

In view of this, in the production of ultrafine grinding process, the need for strict operation, and regular inspection of the sealing and wear factors, and then into the material, must also comply with the requirements of production equipment, in order to reduce wear of the situation, reduce the failure of the production, and the effect on efficiency the.

The article mainly introduces the process of grinding production in fine, factors appear to the stable high yield phenomenon which has the problem above, mainly introduced some elements of the seal system, and other related parts of the wear condition, and then analyzed in the production of proper operation and inspection can reduce the occurrence of wear of the situation, to assist the smooth production, and achieve a better capacity.

Which ore can be broken by a cone crushing equipment   No  
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Jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and mobile crushing station are all crushing equipment for crushing and processing ores in the sand production line. Here we mainly talk about the commonly used cone crushers.

The cone crusher plays a very important role in the ore crushing and processing. Can the cone crusher be used for the crushing operation of the ore generally?

The hydraulic cone crusher is through our absorption in today's world of advanced crushing technology and developed with the advanced level of PY cone crusher, cone crusher, is one of the earliest cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard and hard rocks and ores, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite.

The vulnerability of the cone crusher consumption, low operation cost, high crushing ratio, high production efficiency, using oil lubrication and reliable advanced, improve service life, excellent product, crushing grain shape, various type of crushing chamber, flexible application, strong adaptability, simple maintenance, convenient in operation, is for everyone the choice of ore crushing and processing.

Update and improvement of ore milling equipment   No  
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Ore milling equipment is a kind of grinding equipment widely used in mine, cement plant, chemical plant and so on. It is one of the important equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals. Because of the ore milling equipment in zimbabwe has stable performance, strong adaptability and high performance price ratio, it has been widely used in the processing of non-metallic minerals since the introduction of for several decades. Based on the ultrafine powder processing technology that we have mastered for many years, we carried out a thorough and thorough technological renovation to the above problems, and made a lot of updates and improvements to the structure of ore mill. The transformation of the traditional ore milling equipment needs our efforts, at the same time, we also hope that the grinding industry in China can have a super good prospect.

The ore pulverizer is a new, high efficiency, high efficiency and closed - circuit pulverizing equipment which can replace the ball mill. Because it has many advantages, which can be adapted to small and medium-sized mines, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, pharmaceutical, cement and other industries, are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields, grinding processing industrial products, suitable for processing the following Mohs hardness of seven, in a variety of humidity below 6% non inflammable minerals, such as gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone, marble, feldspar, dolomite, barite, granite, kaolin, Peng Runtu, stone, bauxite, iron oxide red, iron ore, refined fine degrees in six hundred ~ four hundred microns microns, through interaction analysis machine and fan, can meet the requirements of different users.

The existing problems of the traditional ore mill have been puzzling the mineral processing enterprises and equipment manufacturers. These problems are mainly reflected in the following aspects: the fineness of products is low, and the fineness of common grinding is generally below five hundred mesh. These devices can only occupy the lower end of the powder application market. The mechanical failure rate is relatively high, the power consumption is relatively large, the noise is large, serious pollution emissions, the system efficiency is relatively low, the product collection system separation effect is not ideal, a large number of fine powder is not effectively collected and repeat the cycle in the system caused by the power waste, the host is not suitable for the design of bellows duct milling production line after optimization, into larger particles in the material grinding area and the future and particle grinding broken is often thrown into the bellows gathered in the volute tail box, and continue to extend forward, the wind gradually reduced, causing traffic jams, no less powder or powder, the ultimate impact of production.

According to the years of mastery of the superfine powder processing technology equipment, to carry on the thorough technical innovation, a lot of renewal and transformation of ore milling machine structure, the traditional way of the host was improved, and the spindle has a quincunx structure transformation to stable and keep it running smoothly.

How to make the gold ore jaw crusher go farther?   No  
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Jaw crusher is a special processing equipment for gold ore crushing and processing. Gold ore crusher plays a very important role in sand and gravel production line. Gold jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing operation in sand and gravel production line.

Generally speaking, gold jaw crusher can be used for crushing the ore with relatively high hardness. Jaw crusher can be used for crushing the ore with high hardness such as granite and diabase. So how to extend the crushing time of jaw crusher?

During the use of the gold ore jaw crusher, the screw of the internal parts of the machine, or the screw of the fixed machine, is often loosened because of the power of the machine. Therefore, the user needs to check the machine in a timely manner in the process of using the jaw crusher.

When the jaw crusher machine is used for a period of time, the lubricant will reduce the lubrication effect, and the falling debris will also increase the wear of the machine. Therefore, the user needs to replace the lubricating oil of the jaw crusher in time.

Gold Ore Crusher Machine:

The significance of improving the quality and yield of ultrafine mill   No  
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The production process of calcite ultra fine mill, we hope to see the production effect, high yield, low consumption, the so-called high yield refers to the yield high, and low refers to the cost of the phenomenon, according to these requirements, for the quality and yield is very necessary, the following are introduce the production effect.

The first is the quality for ultrafine grinding mill, the quality is synonymous with the life of the equipment, the general quality is good, will be a long time for its use in production, is said to live longer, and force the same situation, good quality equipment wear is relatively small, which greatly reduces the repairing the damage in the production of the phenomenon, for the production of investment, can be greatly reduced, is one of the important aspects of customer cost savings;

The second is the production, this is the customer in the purchase of calcite processing equipment, the primary consideration, has a great effect on the production efficiency, so how to improve the yield is not only an important problem facing manufacturers, and customers in the use of the process, an important problem facing;

After introducing the effect of the production and production of the ultrafine mill machine, we introduce how to improve these two aspects.

First is the quality aspect, the equipment structure must be strong, then the material has better wear resistance. The welding between the components needs to ensure that there is no blemish, so as to ensure its good service life.

The second is the improvement of production, the need to achieve the structure of ultrafine grinding is improved so that it can be processed in unit time calcite more, so as to increase its production capacity, to a great extent, of course, for the improvement of production, the need to ensure that the premise of the quality of the products, so as to ensure the comprehensive the production efficiency.

The article mainly introduces the calcite ultrafine mill quality and yield increasing significance, for this problem, I first introduced the quality and yield for the production effect, and then analyzes how to improve the two aspects of the problem about these aspects, compared with the above, I hope to help you understand and understanding.

The sand washer has the unique characteristics   No  
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The efficient sand washing machine is a kind of cleaning equipment with international advanced level. It is developed on the basis of introducing foreign outstanding technology of the same kind of products.

The sand washing machine is used to remove dust in sand. It is widely used for cleaning materials in the following industries: quarry, mineral, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, cement mixture station and so on. It can deal with material with granularity within 0-30mm. It has become the most effective, practical and reliable equipment for making abrasive, refractory material, cement, quartz sand, steel grit, furnace dross powder, copper ore, gold ore, cobble, concrete and asphalt aggregate and so on. As a high efficiency and low energy consumption equipment, it can save energy by 50% compared with traditional product.

The sand washing machine adopts advanced technology by combining with the actual situation of domestic sandstone industry. The reasonable structure, high yield and little sand loss make it the most popular machine. It will be the top priority among upgraded products both at home and abroad. Welcome to visit our company and make wise choice.

It can wash and separate the soil and foreign material in the sand. Its novel structure, adjustable overflow dam baffle and reliable arrangement can ensure the result. The sand washer has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, high output, low power consumption, and high degree of cleanness. Its novel sealed structure, totally-enclosed oil-bath transmission system, and adjustable overflow slice ensure the characteristics of high efficiency, durability, cleanness, and good dehydrating effect, and reliable product size.

Sand Washer:

How to choose a good sand making machine?   No  
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Sand making machine is a common ore dressing equipment. It is mainly used to make stone and sand, and provide the necessary raw materials for building houses in some construction industries. Many enterprises specializing in the production of raw materials such as sand and stone can not do without the help of the sand machine. The production capacity of  sand making machine  will determine the development of industrial buildings. Therefore, it is very important to choose sand making equipment with superior performance for this user, and there are many factors to be taken into consideration in the process of selection.

For some start users, the purchase must be considered more comprehensively, because the sand making machine is not a general small mechanical equipment. Once it is found after purchase, it does not conform to its own needs, it will bring a devastating blow to the economy of these small and medium-sized enterprises. The following help you to summarize the following aspects, I hope to be able to help you when you buy.

The product sale mode in modern society is the sales mode of integrated marketing, and when the sand making machine manufacturer sells, it is necessary to integrate all kinds of effective resources to help products sell. One of these resources is very important - brand resources. The most important product features of a product may not be the product itself, or the brand effect it has. And the brand effect of the product comes from the product itself, only with a high quality product can have the foundation to build the product brand. The quality of the product and the brand effect are complementary to each other. So when we are choosing a sand - making machine, we might as well investigate the brand effect of these products. Although the brand product is not necessarily suitable for you, there will be a brand product in the right product.

Second, this is a commercialized society, and the product is under the package of multiple commercial garments that make it impossible for us to see the essence of it. Word of mouth marketing, a marketing mode started from the ancient times, is a proposal of marketing rather than a friend's recommendation, a sincere recommendation. When selecting sand making equipment, enterprises may first conduct a word of mouth survey, conduct a questionnaire survey in the same industry, and build a special word of mouth network on the Internet, and discuss the brand and performance of different sand making machines.

mobile sand making machine used for construction waste crusher   No  
No Picture

In the progress of science and technology, the living standards of human beings have been improved effectively, and the performance in the construction industry is particularly remarkable. Although the city has been developed, but also brought a lot of drawbacks, the accumulation of construction waste, not only waste resources, but also to our environment has brought great threat to make the construction waste to be fully applied to production and processing of the mobile type sand making machine is used for the disposal of construction waste used the equipment on the market, very popular with customers like, let the construction waste reuse of mobile sand production, reduce pollution, reduce customer costs, we move the sand making machine is simple to say.

Advantages of mobile sand making machine in building garbage disposal

1. the equipment in the operation can directly enter the building garbage site operation, which is not only convenient, but also reduced the cost of a lot of raw materials transportation.

2. Not only the building garbage can be broken in single machine, but also the multi machine joint can be broken and sieved, and the crushing efficiency can be improved effectively.

3. equipment unit integration, can work directly, reduce the time and money spent on infrastructure installation.

4. beautiful shape, atmosphere, flexible and convenient operation, the equipment is more continuous and efficient in the treatment of construction waste.

5. A water spray device is arranged in the feeding port of the sand making machine, which reduces the production of dust and improves the working environment while ensuring that the crushing effect is not affected.

The technological innovation of sand making machine   No  
No Picture

Innovation will make the sand machine enterprise more vitality. Although the market of domestic sand maker machine is extensive, but its suppliers are also numerous, so the competition of domestic crusher market is fierce. How to become a leader in this competition is always in an invincible position. Technological innovation is fundamental.

As is known to all, good performance is a very important thing for the sand machine. How to ensure the performance of the crusher is also a very important thing. This is also a certain degree of innovation for the sand making machine.

For users, how to ensure the performance of the crusher, in fact, the most important thing is to buy daily in the sand making machine to try to buy some kind of good product performance, and make sure the product bought in the sand making machine is applicable, the sand making machine users is a very important point.

To ensure the performance of the sand making machine, we should also pay attention to the scientific way of operation and operate according to the specifications, so that we can better ensure its performance. Of course, this is also a part of the links that we need to pay attention to when we operate the sand making machine. In the end, daily maintenance is also very important in order to ensure its sexual performance, which is an innovation in use.

For the sand making machine enterprise, the innovation will have the new development, only the technological innovation can have the eternal. No matter how fierce the market competition is, the market for sand making machines will always be left to those who are committed to technological innovation and prepare for the market challenge. Technically, we must be brave in innovation, which is a challenge and an opportunity.

structure improvement of ultrafine grinding mill   No  
No Picture

When a device is gradually recognized and affirmed by users, we think that this device is already a mature device, as long as we gather information collected from users and then change it. But for ultra fine mill , this is not the case. On the contrary, due to users' too much expectation and expectation, its improvement is also large and continuous. The amount of technology it contains is more and more, and sometimes it can even represent the technical level of a mill manufacturer to produce grinding equipment.

Speaking of ultra-fine grinding upgrades and improvements, we do not have a talk in which improvements have been made, some justified. But many grinding equipment manufacturers see different needs, and there will be a lot of preferences in the improvement. For example, some from production capacity, powder selection system or wind delivery system, etc. Of course, for most manufacturers, in the equipment improvement, will conduct a comprehensive consideration, but their production equipment itself has the advantages and characteristics of all kinds, according to the milling industry is different, so if we want to talk about the improvement of concrete surface, need to choose a manufacturer, in detail.

First of all, we are introduced from an important classifier. The classification system used for ultra-fine grinding equipment has been adopted by air classifier. When the material is lapped into the classifier, the coarse and fine powder is separated under the action of the graded vortex force. Under the action of the wind, fine powder which meets the requirements of the fineness will be blown into the fine powder collection system. In the classifier, the main one is the blade of the impeller classifier. With the gradual improvement of the production capacity of the plant, the diameter of the blade will also increase, but the wind can not be evenly distributed. Therefore, we need to make many improvements in the structure and process design of the classifier, such as increasing the number of blades of the impeller. Secondly, the air supply system of ultrafine grinding is improved. The wind transmission system is very important, whether it is well matched with the structural parameters, and directly determines whether the classifier can realize the classification function accurately. After that, the feeding control system and the powder system need to be improved.

Well, the last two improvements will be explained in detail. This article aims to introduce the upgrading process of ultrafine grinding in recent years, rather than focusing on the detailed improvement process. And these improvements are all very complex. Designers and producers spend a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out continuous experiments and experiments, and get many valuable guidance from operators and senior mill experts. It can be said that it is the crystallization of many painstaking efforts. Of course, there is a long way to go, whether it is ultrafine grinding or other flour mills. Only in the process of using, is there any possibility of improvement so that we can go on the right and healthy development road.