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Created 01-29-18
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Title Sand control of dust control from where to start
About me Sand making machine in the daily work on the gravel material, produce a lot of dust, crushing equipment is the same but only less amount of dust Bale. These dust generated by machinery and equipment cause damage to the site environment of the sand making machine, and will seriously affect the surrounding area. Everyone knows that it is impossible to avoid it completely. Therefore, what we can do is try to find ways to reduce dust generation. As usual, reducing sand dust pollution equipment can start from two things, come to you for a detailed analysis. First of all, from the source of dust to find ways to control, as much as possible to reduce the amount of dust generated. Only an effective source of dust control can solve the problem of dust pollution more fundamentally, and the method is divided into two types. Dust extraction as the first point, the inlet and outlet is the origin of dust, the two effective sealing and then install the fan to carry out dust removal, in the very good treatment, this can be done on the dust source to control the proliferation of dust, It is also a relatively effective method. The second point is to improve the production process of sand production line. During the work of sand-making equipment or crushing equipment, the appropriate improvement of the production process, such as the screening process using multiple screens, more processes out of the material will be more pure, but also reduce the amount of dust, The resulting pollution will also be reduced. At the same time can also reduce the damage of dust on mechanical equipment parts. The second point is to do an effective job of dealing with the spread of dust. If the dust is not controlled from the very beginning, how can we prevent the spread of the dust? Which can be divided into two specific points, the first is to reduce the speed of material discharge. After the material is processed by the sand making equipment, it is discharged from the discharge opening. The force will diffuse the dust into the air rapidly. If the material flow rate can be properly reduced, the dust can be prevented from spreading too fast. However, the drawback is that the slowdown of the discharge port is directly related to the production efficiency. The second point is watering. Watering has become a daily task in major cities, especially in areas with large human traffic. Watering can be used to improve the quality of the environment. Dust, dust and other substances will be dissolved in water, sand production line in the venue and the surrounding water often, but also can effectively reduce the dust flying around. The production of modern industrial machinery more or less will bring some pollution, but because of this, all the manufacturing enterprises should make more efforts to change the status of production, the implementation of green sand. Although the dust generated in the process of sand making sand is unavoidable, it can be reduced to a certain extent.
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