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Created 01-09-18
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Title Performance advantages of construction waste crusher

With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the recycling of construction waste has been put into use in all parts of the country. Construction waste crusher is our company with development and production of new crushing equipment international technology is very advanced, the device not only has a higher crushing efficiency, excellent quality, and the yield of the equipment is also very high, the price is relatively affordable, is currently on the market application of common equipment, favored by the majority of users in this paper, the construction waste crusher are introduced briefly.

Structure of construction waste crusher

The construction waste crusher is simple in structure, mainly composed of rollers, roller bearings, compacting and adjusting devices, and driving devices. Operation and maintenance are also very convenient.

Performance advantages of construction waste crusher

1. the output is high: there are very advanced technical parameters, the crushing principle is also very advanced, and the crushing ratio is large, so that the finished products after crushing are even, and the output is also very high.

2. less wear and tear parts: it is made of advanced international advanced materials. The equipment has super strong wear resistance and impact resistance, and extends the replacement period of vulnerable parts.

3. low energy consumption: the use of international advanced motor equipment, so that the energy consumption of its equipment in the process of operation is very low, which can save a lot of cost for processing plants every year.

4. convenient maintenance: the internal structure of the design is reasonable, the replacement of parts is very convenient, shorten the maintenance time of the equipment in maintenance.

5. low noise, small vibration: Advanced silencing device, so that the equipment in the process of work will not appear any noise, improve the surrounding construction environment.

6. The grain size of the finished product is uniform: the finished product has a uniform grain size, the shape of the particles is good, the cube content is very much, and the needle like material is reduced.

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