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Created 01-07-18
Owner hijuly
Title energy saving and environmental protection vertical roller mill

Our company responds to the national call for energy saving and environmental protection, compares the material selection of vertical roller mill very carefully, selects those material manufacturing equipment that has excellent energy saving and environmental protection, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the equipment itself.

The vertical roller mill adopts the closed gearbox and belt wheel, and the lubrication system is very clean, the transmission device operates smoothly, there will be no dust overflow during the operation process, and the production process is more safe and reliable.

In order to reduce dust on air pollution, dust collector at present in many large equipments are configuration, our company vertical milling machine configuration is pulse filter type dust collector, the advanced configuration, the dust removal effect is remarkable, can reduce dust emissions of vertical mill operations, reduce air pollution. Noise pollution is also in the range of pollution. In order to solve the problem of noise pollution, our company is equipped with auxiliary mufflers on the vertical roller mill, which can reduce the pollution caused by noise pollution and achieve green grinding operation.

Our company's energy saving and environmental protection oriented vertical roller mill plays an important role in improving the working environment of mining area. It has been successfully implemented in many processing plants, and has won the favor of consumers.

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